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Ron Howard on Solo: A Star Wars Story

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

One of the best things about the all-new Star Wars film Solo: A Star Wars Story is that the highly acclaimed Ron Howard directs it. I had the honor of getting to spend some time with Ron Howard talking about the making of the film while in Los Angeles last week. For being such a talented director, the one thing that makes Ron Howard so unique is how down to earth and relatable he is.

Like with any Star Wars film, there was a lot of responsibility on everyone who worked on the film, especially Ron Howard. For Ron Howard, it was the pressure of making sure Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) would deliver the performance that would “wow” Star Wars fans. Howard knew that there was already some judgment surrounding him and his performance, but he knew how talented the actor is, and wanted to make him shine in the film – which he did beautifully.

Ron Howard, the supportive Director he is known for being, gave Alden reassurance when after talking with Harrison about the film, and how much he loved it. “Alden couldn’t announce this to anyone, because nobody speaks for Harrison Ford, but Harrison Ford,” said Howard. When it came to Alden, he didn’t expect Harrison Ford to be in LA the same day that we all were there learning about the film, and Ron Howard told us that when Alden realized he was there, he said, “Holy Shit!”

When it came to creating a younger version of Harrison Ford, I was curious how Ron Howard helped to develop that in Alden. “It was all about taking from inspiration,” said Howard.

Many Star Wars fans have wondered how Ron Howard positioned as a director on this film. For him, it came out of a conversation he was having with Kath Kennedy. He was in London and had other meetings when he attended a scheduled breakfast appointment with her. When they met, he learned that John Kasden was also in town, and he quickly learned that they would be talking about an upcoming Star Wars film. From there, Ron Howard read the script, was so compelled by that script. “It answered the questions of what a young Han Solo’s life experiences might be that would shape him, form him, push him toward that iconic figure that we would know later,” said Howard.

Don’t miss seeing how Ron Howard directed Alden to be the best young Han Solo he could be in Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters on May 25th. Learn more about Solo: A Star Wars Story online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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