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Ruby’s Diner Introduces New Uniforms and Next Gen Themed Restaurants

Ruby's Diner Introduces New Uniforms and Next Gen Themed Restaurants

Like or Dislike? What are your thoughts on Ruby’s Diner introducing new uniforms? Before getting upset about the iconic Orange County burger chain changing their classic red and white striped uniforms, please know it is only a small amount of Ruby’s Diner locations that will be undergoing the restyle into the new Next Gen fast-casual theme.

“If Ruby’s had grown-up a bit, and what would it be like in the 60’s,” said Jaime Dejong Director of Marketing & Franchise Services for Ruby’s Diner.

Doug Cavanaugh, the founder of Ruby’s, most memorable times, were in the 1960’s, and he wanted to bring that same feeling that he felt during that era in which he opened his first restaurant thirty years ago. It is also an opportunity to attract the younger guests to dine at Ruby’s,” said Dejong.

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  1. ugly!!!!!!!!!!!p

  2. very ugly. please go back. I’ll start going to Mimi’s for breakfast. Too early to see uniforms that ugly.

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