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Running An Effective Presentation At A Business Expo

There are many reasons to attend a business expo or convention. Events like this allow you to promote your business, network, connect with your audience, and unveil specific important announcements. In some cases, this might enable you to properly take pre-orders for upcoming products, or onboard more people into your services. For many, it may just serve as a fantastic measure towards getting involved with your local industry, in your local scene and making a name for yourself that way.

Designing an effective presentation and demonstration in this space can be a great call to action, and a fantastic means of showing what your business is really about. Of course, to begin with, we need to figure out what it is we hope to show. Perhaps taking out a little space for a showcase of new products coming out, a working model of a new product, or maybe just a great informational display that attendees can walk around and learn more about your business, including its history and future vision.

Let’s consider what tools can aid you in this process:

Informational Banners

Banners and freestanding graphically-designed presentation material can be a great way of showcasing the timeline or history of your brand, through text paragraphs and images that invite further reading, showcasing the attention to detail that your brand offers. This may also invite people into your unit or shelter, or simply your staging piece, allowing you to engage with the most attendees possible and helping them understand the exact purpose of your visit. 

Digital Screens & Interactivity

Many companies rent iPads for events like this, because they can showcase visual material, enhance attendee interactivity such as opting for polls or encouraging email sign-ups, as well as remaining portable and easy to use by those presenting on behalf of your brand. Screens like this also help you gain a sense of “presence,” as brands that integrate technology into their presentations tend to be thought of as more interesting, capable, visionary and willing to invest in a worthwhile package than others who may stick to simpler designs. This can also help you gain better metrics while there, such as registering interest in future product launches, or offering fun surveys that help you collect valuable data.

Trained Speakers & Brand Ambassadors

It might not be that you have people in your team who feel comfortable with being in among the general public, showcasing your new product and really selling it, or the concept of your brand. Not everyone has public speaking or selling skills. It might be that you take up the reigns of this task yourself, but it’s also possible to hire brand ambassadors and trained presenters for your show, allowing you to gain the full charisma of seasoned professionals, or perhaps use them to help fill out the team capable of performing such a task. In the long run, making a good first impression may be established by this work.
With this advice, we hope you can more easily run an effective presentation – even at a highly competitive business expo.

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