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Running Your Own Fitness Class From Home

If you’re someone who’s a huge fan of the workout world, now could be a great time to take your passion for fitness and turn it into something profitable. After all, more and more people are investing time into getting into shape, and striking that balance between a busy life and the need for self care. 

Why not get in on the action? You could set up a series of fitness classes within your own home, and thanks to how much we’ve needed a remote connection over the past couple years, this will make people flock to you for the sake of their fitness. 

So, you’ve followed a lot of online workouts and know the structure of a home fitness class inside and out – could you offer one to the people in your neighborhood? Let’s go through the starting points below. 


Think About the Right Activity to Offer

If you decide to take the next step and start offering workout classes of your own, the first thing to think about is the activity you’re going to offer. You’re going to have one or two specializations of your own, but you need a strong core idea here; above all else, you need to have something unique to offer that can be found at the class down the street! 

Think about it: what do you do differently? Sure, your classes can just be cheaper, but you also need to provide a sense of value to get people to come back again and again. So, maybe you have outdoor premises people can make good use of? Maybe you like to work one on one? Or maybe you simply offer an activity that’s in rare supply? Mull over your USP and work from there. 

Check Your Qualifications

Of course, if you want to run a fitness class of your own, you’re going to need a qualification or two to get by. It’s law that you’ll need to be accredited to lead a group of people on a fitness journey, but any level in a general fitness instructing certificate will work here. Aside from that it’s also best to have a first aid qualification on hand too, especially if you’re running this class alone. Some countries/states require a first aider to be on site at all times. 

You could also think about training fully as a personal trainer here. It’s a good way to take your career to the next level, and it’ll allow you to get more involved with your clients’ fitness journeys. You’ll be able to take single person sessions, offer more activities to try out, and use more equipment in your lessons. 

Set the Atmosphere

If you’re going to get any attendees in the mood to workout, whether for a session of yoga or a high tempo, high intensity Zumba class, you’re going to need to set the atmosphere. To do this, you’re going to need enough space, the right words to get someone fired up, and above all else, the right music to keep them going. After all, music drives us a lot more than a quiet room does! 

Simply put, if you put on the right music, you’ll get your clients emotionally invested. Whether you put together a playlist yourself or simply put the radio on, as long as you’ve got a soundtrack pumping in the background you’ll be able to encourage better results. A better music experience for your members means a stronger class vibe, and it’ll certainly help to keep people going longer. Not only can music distract us from any exercise aches and pains, but it can reduce fatigue too. 

Run Some Free Classes

Finally, if you want to drum up some quick interest in your fitness classes, it’s best to offer out a couple of free sessions. You can do this in general, to attract swathes of people along to see what they think, or do it on a case by case basis. People are far more likely to commit when they get something for free, and if their first hour is free you’ve got another tick to add to your unique selling point criteria. Not only that, but it’ll help friends and family to take part as well – think of it as a personal discount that doesn’t really cost you anything! 

Running a fitness class from home is a great way to stay fit and make money at the same time. Providing such a service is a great business opportunity!

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