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How to Have a Safe & Fun Pool Party

Pool parties are fun ways to celebrate the summer with friends, family, coworkers or neighbors. You can spend an entire day dipping in the pool and taking cool showers under the water fountains. Bunches of people gather around pools on scorching hot days for routine relaxation as well as special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

Pool at Welk Palm Springs

Although pool parties are fun, they don’t come without their fair share of risks. Before you invite all your friends and family over for a fantastic day in the pool, make sure everyone knows how to stay safe while having all the fun. Here are some things to remember to ensure a safe and fun pool party:

Go Easy on Alcohol

Alcohol makes you feel less concerned about safety. Having too much alcohol at pool parties can be dangerous. It slows down the body’s reaction time and makes a person far more susceptible to heat-related illnesses and drowning. Try to limit the amount of alcohol you serve at your party, especially if children are present.

Keep Food & Drinks Away from Pool Area

Keep foods and drinks away from the pool area, especially greasy or fatty foods that can create serious slip hazards on the decking around your pool. For the food and beverages at your party, designate a table away from the pool area. Also, as much as possible, serve light, finger food at the pool party. People do not want to feel heavy while sporting their bikinis and pool outfits.

Stash Clutter Away from Pool Area

To prevent tripping hazards, keep walkways near the pool area free of clutter and obstructions. If you have large ornaments, party decorations and furniture around your deck, that can be dangerous if someone accidentally knocks them into the pool. Keep all valuables away from the pool deck as well. Having a pool cover can help prevent items and people from falling into the water, if the pool is not being used at the party. 

Do Some Pool Games

Pool games are a fun way to cool down and encourage everyone at your party to get in the pool. Gather some pool toys and floatation devices and play water games. Pool volleyball is an excellent way for people of all ages to stay active while cooling off from the summer heat. Try playing some water basketball and water polo as well.

Wear Appropriate Swimwear

During a hot summer day, it’s easy to overdo sun exposure without realizing it. To stay safe in the sun, regularly apply an SPF 30+ sunscreen throughout the party and make sure everyone wears protective clothing like hats and sunglasses. Make sure everyone wears appropriate swimwear as well.

Don’t Leave Kids Unattended

Even if your child is a good swimmer, they should not be left alone in the pool area. Children can drown when left unsupervised. Adults who don’t know how to swim can also drown under similar circumstances.

Have a First Aid Kit Handy

A first aid kit is necessary at any gathering where people will swim and play in or around the water. Keep a first aid kit in a central location, where all your guests can access it quickly if an accident occurs. You should also have contact numbers for emergency services posted near the pool or where you will be hosting your pool party.

Be Aware of the Weather

Heat and humidity can cause exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses that put swimmers at risk. Cold weather causes hypothermia. Windy conditions make large inflatable toys and outdoor umbrellas unsafe. Make sure to look up the weather forecast before you plan a pool party. If bad weather is predicted, reschedule your event or move your party’s location.

Having a pool party seems like a great idea, but if not carefully planned, it can result in dangerous mishaps, especially if young children are on the guest list. Before inviting your people over for a day of fun and games, follow these simple steps to ensure everyone’s safety during the entire event.

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