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How to Safely Tow a Trailer

There are many reasons why you might need to tow a trailer. Maybe you’ve got an upcoming trip to summer camp or you’re in the process of moving homes and have a trailer full of belongings to transfer to your new place.

Whether you’re new to towing a trailer or you’ve done it many times in the past, you need to drive carefully. Trailers are large and heavy, and they can make the roads harder to navigate.

How to Safely Tow a Trailer

To keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe, you’ll need to take extra precautions when towing a trailer. Below, we’ve listed some top tips to help you safely tow a trailer behind your vehicle.

Make sure you choose a suitable hitch for your trailer load

There are several different types of trailers that you can get to tow behind your vehicle, all of which need to be properly secured before you can set off driving.

Depending on the size and weight of the trailer, you’ll need a specific hitch. It’s essential that you find the most suitable hitch for your trailer to avoid damaging your vehicle or the trailer itself. Find the best fifth wheel hitch and make sure it is compatible with your truck.

Make sure your car is rated for towing a trailer

Understandably, you can’t expect a tiny car to be capable of towing a heavy load. The engine of small cars may not be strong enough to support the vehicle and a large trailer.

Depending on the trailer’s weight and size, you may or may not be able to tow it in certain vehicles. The maximum tow weight will be detailed in your driver’s manual.

When figuring out the max towing weight of your vehicle, you will need to identify two numbers. Firstly, the gross trailer weight (GTW) (the combined weight of the trailer and its contents) and the maximum tongue weight. With these two numbers, you can find the most suitable hitch class to safely tow your trailer.

Practice driving with your trailer in tow before making a long journey

When you’re towing a trailer, practice makes perfect. The more you drive your vehicle with the trailer in tow, the easier it becomes. You will get used to how heavy your vehicle feels and how to navigate tight corners.

Before you take a long journey with your trailer attached to your vehicle, spend some time driving around quiet roads to familiarize yourself with everything. If you notice any strange noises or your vehicle seems to be pulling to one side, you can adjust your trailer appropriately.

You can also practice attaching the hitch onto your vehicle and securing the trailer properly before your long journey. This will ensure the trailer is safely attached when you’re on the roads, keeping you and other drivers safe, and giving you peace of mind.

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