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Safety Tips For Your Next Family Road Trip

One of the greatest ways to make memories with your family is to go on a family road trip. There is nothing more fun than being in a car with your loved ones singing songs, playing games, having great conversations, and having a shared experience you will always remember. Road trips are also cost effective especially if you have a large family. It is way more cheap than buying airline tickets, and if you drive an electric car, there is very little expense for charging. With all the fun you’ll be having and all the money you will be saving, don’t forget that safety comes first when you are hauling your most precious assets around the country. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you are going on your next memorable family road trip. 

Bring a First Aid Kit

It is very easy to get a first aid kit for your car. Many automotive stores will sell kits that will fit either in your glove box, or in your trunk. Obviously, the trunk kit will be larger and will have more items inside of the kit that you may need in case of a small injury or cut. 

The glove box first aid kit will be smaller with the essentials in case someone falls and scrapes a knee on a hike or burns themselves on something hot while they are eating or drinking. It will take the worry out of trying to find Band-Aids, burn creams, antibiotic cream, bandages, or any other helpful items in a pinch. 

Bring a Family Medicine Kit

Along with the first aid kit, bring a family medicine kit. Every family has different needs, therefore, everyone’s family medical kit will look different. Along with aspirin or anti-diarrheal medicine bring any meds for allergies in case you travel to an area where the weather is different and your or your family’s allergies are triggered.

Other great items to keep in your medicine kit are any medications that anyone in your family is actively taking. Missing just one dose could set back someone’s recovery. 

Having tablets for heartburn, nausea, or body aches are always great in case food or drink does not agree with someone’s body. All of this with plenty of water will keep everyone in your group in top shape in the event of a slight ailment. 

Do Some Defensive Driving

You are not the only car on the road, and not every car is going to know that you are on an epic family road trip. With that said, make sure you are constantly aware of your surroundings. Other drivers may fall asleep at the wheel or speed to a point where they lose control of their car. 

Truckers on long hauls may get cloudy or not be able to see you from their cab, which is going to be much higher than your car. Avoiding an accident avoids a lot of problems like putting your family in immediate danger and having to follow through with any kind of lawsuit that will include court cases, a truck accident lawyer, or an automobile injury lawyer. By making a conscious effort to stay alert and pay attention to what other cars may be doing will save you grief, headaches, and time in the long run.

Check the Weather

On the days that you are traveling, check the weather along your route. Conditions can quickly become very unsafe while you are traveling. If you check the weather report and plan ahead, you will be prepared for any inclement or severe weather. 

When you check the weather along your course, if you feel certain parts of your travel may be unsafe, you can then take the time to reroute yourself where it will be more safe. You can also add a stop along your trip and see something that you thought you may not have been able to see before. This may mean that you may have to cut other stops off of your list, but that’s okay if you are staying and keeping everyone safe.

Check the Route

When you are checking the weather, also check to see how your route is looking otherwise. Before you hit the road, certain areas may have experienced storms or natural disasters that may have washed out and closed roads, or caused certain towns to shut down for a clean up or because of loss of power. Usually, when you use a GPS app, you will be alerted to road closures or reroutes that may have happened prior to your trip. If this is the case for you, you can easily pick a new route and get to where you are going safer even if it means that it may take you longer to get to where you are going. Having this knowledge before you leave will allow you to have better control over your trip. 

Make a List of Hotels Along the Way

It is very unsafe to drive while you are tired. When you are planning your road trip, if it is going to take you more than one day to get to your destination then it is a good idea to make a list of hotels that you could potentially stay at for the night. 

When you are going over your route, you can find cities along the way where you can see an attraction and then turn in for the night. Booking this in advance will save you money, and it will allow you to plan accordingly. You will know how much further you have to go on your day, and when the kids ask “are we there yet?” you will have the answer. 

This type of stop also allows you to take a break from the road, allows you to eat, and allows you to properly rest so that you are alert for the next leg of your drive. 

Know Where You Can Fuel Up

If you are driving an electric car, you may want to map out where all of the charging stations are located for your vehicle. This will eliminate the anxiety of having a low charge and not knowing where you can plug your car in. Map that out beforehand so that you can always be aware of when and where you must charge your car. 

If you are driving a gas fueled car, know where your rest stops are. There are plenty of highways where rest stops can be 20 to 40 miles apart and if you are running low on gas, you may not make it to the next rest stop. Keep an eye out for where the rest stops are and how far apart they are so that you aren’t left stranded on the side of the road having to walk miles to get gas.

Bring a Map

A lot of people rely on GPS apps to get from point A to point B, but what if your phone is not working or you are in an area with low cell service? Backup your phone with an old fashioned road map. With a map, you will always know where you are and how to get to where you are going. You will never be stuck without a way to safety and to the nearest town where you may need to get supplies. It is also fun to teach the kids how to read a map so they will always know how to find a way to their destination. 

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