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She Said… She Said on Big Hero 6

We attended the screening as a guest of Disney

By now you’ve probably heard that Disney Animation has brought Marvel’s “Big Hero 6” to the big screen and it’s opening today! Shelby and I both attended screenings separately and we thought it would be fun to compare notes on the movie via a “she said, she said” and share our thoughts on the film.


While the movie is loosely based off the comic book series and its characters and while the powers each hero employs are inspired by the Marvel characters, Disney’s Big Hero 6 create their own super-tech powers using their brains and skill sets. It’s a movie that encourages and embraces using intelligence, a great message for kids.


The story takes place in San Fransokyo, a hybrid city created by the Disney team, which combines the geography of San Francisco with elements of Tokyo. The plot centers around a young brilliant prodigy, Hiro (Ryan Potter), whose older brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) is tragically killed, but not before he has encouraged Hiro to apply to the prestigious San Fransokyo Tech.


Tadashi’s friends Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), Fred (TJ Miller), GoGo Tomago (Jamie Chung), and Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), all science whizzes at San Fransokyo Tech as well as Baymax (Scott Adsit), the caregiving robot Tadashi has created prior to his death become Hiro’s family with Baymax taking on the role of surrogate big brother, who helps heal his friend’s broken heart.


Naturally, there is a villain in all of this and Hiro and his friends must work together using their super-tech powers and brains to figure out just what this masked evil-doer is up to and stop him.

So here we go with our Q & A!

Were you familiar with the comic book “Big Hero 6” before you saw the movie?


I was not. I have never been a big super hero fan, and learning about the movie was the first time I had heard about the comic book series. When I told my boys that I had never heard of the comic book series – they almost fainted.


I wasn’t and I really had no idea what to expect. But after learning about how the movie and story were developed, and how loosely based it was on the comic book, I think that’s a good thing. I didn’t go in with preconceived notions.

OK Shelby, you have three young kids. Andrew (12), Tyler (8) and Ella (10). What were their reactions to the movie?


Andrew screamed in my ear “This is the best movie ever!” when they introduced the teleportation device. Ella cried (much like her mom) and Tyler was on the edge of his seat with all the action-packed excitement.

Did you have a favorite character?



Well, I really loved all of the Heros. I mean how can you not love this boy Hiro? You feel so bad for him and you want everything to turn out for him. And I like quirky, so Honey Lemon, cracked me up. And then of course chill Fred. I kind of related to him. Not that I’m a super chill person, but I related to him as the person who is always supporting and cheering people on. And maybe he is underestimated in a way. What’s revealed about this unassuming nice guy is surprising and funny.

I also have to say I loved Aunt Cass. Maya Rudolph is so animated and real in the way she delivers her lines. But ultimately I’m going with the obvious, I just fell in love with Baymax. It amazes me the way Scott Adsit captured his voice. Although his speech was robotically clipped, the tone was warm and in some ways melodic. It leant a human element to the robot. After hearing it there could be no other voice for Baymax.

And Baymax is just so soothing and loveable. Oh and I love the way his eyes and mouth are just two circles connected by a line and how the line never moves, but the eyes blink and the head shifts to show what Baymax is thinking and “feeling”. Amazing. If I were a kid, I would definitely be asking for a Baymax stuffed animal for Christmas to cuddle. Do you think they’ll make one? I might have to secretly buy one for myself when I need comforting!



I really wanted to go with Hiro or Baymax but I have to go with Aunt Cass. Finally a movie that gives a shout-out to the non-traditional moms. The women in the world who may not have given children life, but are helping them to live the best life by being their mother.

It was cool to see two super smart scientists being girls, I’m curious if this had any impact on your daughter, Ella?


Yes, it did. My daughter left the theatre feeling inspired to pursue her dreams. Knowing that anything is possible if she puts her mind too it.

What did you like best about “Big Hero 6?”


Well, I loved the characters and the story, it makes you laugh in places and cry in others and I was curious for the mystery to be solved of who the villain was and his motives. But I think one thing that really stood out for me was how visually beautiful the film was. If San Fransokyo were a real city, I would so want to live there. And it was so real in places. You could really put yourself in the movie itself.

There were times my sister and I would look at each other while we were watching and whisper, “Was that animated or real?” It was hard to tell and this was before either of us knew there was this new technology behind the making of the film that made this possible. I actually thought maybe they had superimposed actual film with animation. It kind of blew both of us away.


I liked the message behind the film. There are so many children who deal with loss and feel like they are “the only ones” who have been in that terrible life situation. I feel that it will give many children peace in knowing that they are not alone, and that friends and family are the true cure for surviving the loss of a loved one.

Okay so the real question, what’s your verdict?


Since the same animators who worked on “Frozen” also worked on this film, I went into it expecting another legendary Disney film. It’s not another “Frozen” or “Beauty & the Beast” because it could never be that type of film. Yes, it will be a film that children everywhere will fall in love with, and when the hype fades a couple of years from now the film will serve a larger purpose. It won’t be the type of film that children will sing epic songs from forever and ever..but will help many children cope with the hardships of life – which to me is bigger than anything.


I say make like GoGo Tomago! As an adult, I was thoroughly entertained. It’s scenic, interesting, funny, touching and sad in places… bring tissue. The woman sitting to my right needed them too. Maybe you should bring extra just in case.

Written by: Don Hall and Jordan Roberts
Directed by: Don Hall and Chris Williams
Produced by: Roy Conli

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