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Save Money on Energy Bills With These 6 Economical Tips

Thanks to recent changes in the world economy, money is tighter than ever. And it’s important to cut your bottom line whenever possible anyway. There are lots of ways to do this like cutting back on eating out and shopping. It’s also a good idea to cut waste at home because there are lots of areas people can improve upon when it comes to energy use.

This article will touch on several different areas of home energy use that can be optimized to lessen your energy bills and dependence on excessive energy use. There are all kinds of options available and it’s up to you to select the ones that are right for your climate and budget. Not all the suggestions are right for all areas. So try to be flexible and go with what suits you best. 


Compare Local Providers

If you’re fortunate enough to have multiple energy providers in your area, it’s a good idea to get an idea about their services. What are their rates? Do they have specific services? Where are they located? It’s important to compare energy companies to get the best possible deal. Sometimes energy companies can offer different sources for your energy use like solar or wind. You may also be able to get a two-way meter which may be important later. 

Get Smart About The Seasons

One major way to save on energy use is to optimize your living habits around the seasons. It’s important to keep your house blacked out and closed up during the day if you want to keep it cool. In the evening when the walls are radiating heat, open up the house and turn on some fans to move air through the house to cool it before bed. 

In the wintertime, it’s a good idea to make the most of your sun-facing windows during the daytime to absorb as much of the sun as possible.  It’s also a good time to bake and cook. It is a more efficient use of heat as it warms your house and cooks meals. While people need to pay to remove baking heat in the summertime through air conditioning. 

Unplug Chargers 

A lot of chargers keep eating up energy even when nothing is plugged in. Especially computer chargers, if they’re hot to the touch, they’re using up some electricity. If you leave a half dozen of those suckers plugged in around the house, you’re wasting some serious cash. It’s also a good idea to turn off the power strips whenever possible to cut back on some minor use that’s just going in the trash. 

Change Your Windows And Doors

Having a well-insulated house is one of the best ways to cut back on energy expenses over the long term. It’s also a passive solution with a constant effect in all seasons. Having a well-insulated house means that hot will stay in longer, and cold will as well. It means it takes longer for the outdoor climate to seep in through the weak spots. 

Some things you can’t really change, like the exterior wall thickness or construction material. But you can change out your windows and doors. Installing higher-quality windows and doors will better insulate your house. It will better contain the climate that your family prefers. 

Install Efficient Appliances

Old appliances are unnecessarily large and inefficient. It used to be all about power and durability. But times have changed. There are a lot more important things than the size of a load. More efficient appliance options are available nowadays regardless of the appliance. Climate control, laundry, and refrigeration are all areas to think about. 

If it’s time to upgrade, might as well upgrade the efficiency as well. There should be a tag with the appliance’s efficiency clearly labeled so that you can quickly compare the efficiency of the models you’re considering. Be sure to consider it when buying your next appliance. 

Consider Home Energy Production

One interesting and fun thing to consider is home energy production. This is a really cool way to permanently reduce the money you spend on your electricity bill each month. Home energy production can come in a few different forms. 

Solar panels have a wide range of applications. You can get a single one on a pole to power your outdoor lights. Or you could cover your roof with panels and paint your walls with photo-voltaic paint. 

Wind energy is also a possibility. With a source of renewable energy, you can even produce excess and the electric company will pay you for it if you get a two-way meter.

Get On It

There is endless information available for fledgling DIY enthusiasts. The main thing is that you actually get up and do something. Even if that’s just hanging some blackout curtains for the noonday sun. Every little change will make a difference when it comes time to fork over the energy bill.  



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