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On the Scene with the Cast of CARS 3

We attended as a guest of the venue

The time has finally come for Lightening McQueen and Mater to make a return to the big screen in CARS 3. Our family fell in love with the story and the characters when the first CAR’s film came out in 2006, and we fell in love with them all over again when watching CARS 3. Over the weekend, I went to the Disneyland Resort where I had a special opportunity to sit down with the cast of the film and talk about what makes the movie so special.

When I arrived at The Disneyland Resort, the venue was buzzing as people were busy getting the venue ready for the premiere that was going to happen later that evening. I found my seat in a room full of chairs and in front of me were my favorite characters; Lightening McQueen, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez. Before the celebrities entered the room, I took a keepsake photo with the cars to remember the moment forever.

“Because of my mom, I learned that hard work, being nice, and really just giving it your all is the best way to succeed.” Cristela Alonzo

Then the time came when the cast of the CARS 3 would join us to talk about the film. When the first group came into the room, Ray Evernham (formerly an auto racing crew chief) introduced everyone and then moderated the conversation. Being an outgoing and hilarious actor in movies, Owen Wilson was quite quiet and reserved, letting Cristela Alonzo (voice of Cruz Ramirez) steal the show. Not only did she steal the show during the press conference, but also in the film, introducing to young children a strong female character to the CARS franchise.

“I grew-up in a border town, and acting is millions of miles away. I always thought that I would do a blue collar job like everyone else in my family, but my teachers taught me that if I wanted a dream, I can go out and do it. That is why I love this movie so much because it has the same meaning.” Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo talked a lot about female empowerment in the film, but more importantly, she talked about how the film will show children that we are all equal – beyond our genders. That her character, Cruz Ramirez, will show children that anything is possible and that boys and girls can work together to reach their goals. It is not just about girls vs. boys, but about equality.

Then it was time for the second half of the cast to enter the room. The minute that Larry the Cable Guy (voice of Mater) spoke, I wanted to run up and give him a big hug. His voice sounded exactly like Mater, and the actor is just as kind and sweet as Mater in real-life. There was a lot of laughter amongst the cast because of Lea DeLaria (voice of Miss Fritter), who I hope will get her own spin-off soon.

The movie CARS 3 is just as good as the first, and is one of the best movies of the summer. Make plans to bring your children to see CARS 3 in theaters this Friday, June 16th. Learn more about CARS 3 online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Great post Shelby! We can’t wait to see it this weekend.

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