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The Science Behind Healing Crystals

Crystals have been used for their healing properties for centuries. Cultures all around the world have used amethyst, lapis lazuli, and everything from green to red to pink gemstones to address health and wellness issues. You may have seen such crystals and gemstones, from quartz to jasper to Akoya pearls marketed for those with spiritual or wellness interests. But why do people use crystals for healing? And what are the different traditions surrounding crystals and their healing properties?

Chi and Healing Crystals

Many of the prevailing beliefs and traditions around healing with crystals originate from East Asia. According to the traditional medical practices, crystals can be used to harness and focus the “chi,” which is the energy of life. Focusing this energy on parts of the body that are feeling pain is said to bring healing energy to the specific need of the patient.

In addition to crystals, many traditional healing practices around the world make use of many different gemstones to direct and maintain the flow of chi. These precious stones are also thought to have some powers over the whole body and aura of the patient. They’re also used as a means of warding off negative energy while capturing and making use of positive energy. Those who wear them are often said to be blessed with good luck or favor.

Chakras and Healing Crystals

In other practices, crystals are aligned with the patient’s chakra points in order to target the area of the body that needs healing. Different crystals are used for different ailments and at different chakra points. These chakra points fall along a vertical line that stretches directly from the point just above the top of your head all the way down along your spine. Each chakra point is associated with different organs, emotions, urges, and illnesses.

Many people believe that placing the right crystal at the right chakra point will help to activate and harness the energy of the chakra. This is said to help harness and focus healing energy to the most effective points on the body so that the patient can experience relief from pain or urges that are connected to that chakra point.

Meditation and Healing Crystals

Many crystal healing treatments also incorporate elements similar to practicing mindfulness or meditation which have been empirically shown to boost mental and physical health. For example, a practitioner might encourage you to close your eyes and empty your mind as you undergo the crystal healing process. Or, you might try focusing on the smells, sounds, and sensations around you during the treatment sessions. By honing in on these meditative aspects connected to crystal healing, you can get the most from the whole experience.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of crystal healing and healing crystals have been used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments. The type, color, and size of the crystals used for each illness or injury vary greatly; there is no standardized way that certain crystals are used for healing around the world. Plus, when combined with meditative practices, crystals have been shown to be even more effective when it comes to their healing properties.

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