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Science of Gingerbread is Back at Discovery Cube OC

We are a Discovery Cube OC Ambassador

The front of Discovery Cube OC

Your children are invited to have an immersive educational experience by exploring the Science of Gingerbread exhibit at Discovery Cube OC. The seasonal exhibit takes children on an educational expedition where they will learn about the science behind the popular holiday treat through fun and interactive experiences.

Christmas Tree at Discovery Cube OC

Gingerbread House

Minion Gingerbread House

Noah's Ark Gingerbread House

My favorite part of the exhibit is getting to look at all the different gingerbread house creations that local businesses and families have made to submit in the annual gingerbread house competition. Guests visiting Discovery Cube OC are encouraged to get a ballot, and go around to vote for their favorite gingerbread house as well. I am always inspired to step outside of the traditional gingerbread house design with my children every year.

Peanuts Gingerbread House

Discovery Cube Gingerbread House

Snowman Gingerbread House

Wreck-it-Ralph Gingerbread House

Our kids favorite part of the exhibit this year is the interactive science experiment hosted by a Discovery Cube OC scientist. This year my kids got to learn about the different ingredients that go into making gingerbread and learn about how the mixture of specific ingredients are necessary to make gingerbread.

Learning about the Science of Gingerbread at Discovery Cube OC

Science of Gingerbread

Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

Learning about Science is FUN

Build a gingerbread house at Discovery Cube OC

Holiday Science Lab

Gingerbread cookie ingredients

Gingerbread science lab at Discovery Cube OC

Once they were done learning about the ingredients in gingerbread, there were different “scent” boxes where the kids were about to smell the different ingredients and then use pieces of cardboard to try and make their own gingerbread house.

Little Elves at Discovery Cube OC

Learning about shapes at Discovery Cube OC

Snowflakes and mirrors

Creativity drawing board at Discovery Cube OC

Gingerbread Playhouse

New this year is a room designated for children under the age of five where they can draw on the chalkboard wall, play inside of a small gingerbread playhouse or short shapes. It is a great place for the younger children to escape the crowds and recharge for more fun to enjoy throughout the center.

Racing car made with ritz crackers

gingerbread house

Gingerbread derby

Kid fun at the Science of gingerbread at Discovery Cube OC

The popular part of the exhibit is the gingerbread roller derby. Children can create their own race car by using different items, and then compete with other handmade race cars down the giant track. This part of the exhibit is only open during specific times throughout the day.

3D Printing at Discovery Cube OC

Gumballs and jawbreakers

building fun

Block fun at Discovery Cube OC

Watching a 3D printer in action

The Science of Gingerbread is only here in Orange County at Discovery Cube OC until January 3rd. All activities are included with the cost of admission. Discovery Cube OC is located at 2500 N Main Street in Santa Ana.

Holidays at Discovery Cube OC

Dinosaur Gingerbread House

Minecraft Gingerbread House

Nightmare Before Christmas Gingerbread House

Eiffel Tower Gingerbread House

Hot Wheels Gingerbread House

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