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Seaside Baker: Decadent Fruit Desserts

Dessert for lunch? Yes, please. I love going to Melissa’s Produce to have lunch with all my favorite foodies, celebrate a new cookbook author, and indulge in delicious cuisine. When I got an invitation to come to Melissa’s for a delicious day of desserts, I cleared my calendar to attend the event. Let’s just say that I have a little sweet tooth..

Decadent Fruit Desserts

I love to celebrate bloggers who publish their first books. Jackie Bruchez is a well-known blogger (Seaside Baker) who is now a celebrated published author of the book Decadent Fruit Desserts. She is incredibly talented, and the minute that I walked into Melissa’s Kitchen, and saw all her desserts, I was in sugar heaven.

Blackberry custard bars

Melissa’s Produce converted into a dessert version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the day. The counter was filled with samples of some of Jackie’s favorite desserts, along with some fruits and veggies too. The vegetables wouldn’t be complete without a small hummus buffet.

Melissa's Produce vegetables

feta hummus

Have you ever had an artichoke and feta hummus? Me either. But, the chefs at Melissa’s Produce created a recipe that I could not stop eating. Then there was the hatch chili hummus. Oh my! And the veggies…

Andrew at Melissa's Produce

This event was special for me. As many of you know, my passion for cooking began after my son developed severe food allergies. After multiple near-death experiences, I decided to try and heal his allergies by feeding him only foods from the earth. I started my backyard garden (only for his food), learned how to cook, and somehow his allergies lessened. I learned that foods can heal.

Barone Farm

backyard gardening

Growing up eating only foods that your mom grew in her backyard rubbed off on him, and he decided to apply for the culinary arts high school at the Orange County School of the Arts. Over the past three years in the program, he has learned so much and discovered that baking is his true passion in the kitchen.

Andrew Barone

He has a rigorous school day. Leaving for school at 6:30 am and not returning until 6:30 pm and later if he is catering an event. He just happened to schedule his driving test the morning of this Melissa’s Produce event, and I couldn’t wait to surprise him with the news that he was going to get to see a talented baker perform a demo, and get to taste her desserts.

The morning didn’t go as planned, but the minute that we arrived at Melissa’s Produce, his spirit started to change. We first tasted some of her desserts, but it was the demo that she performed that got him so excited. He kept whispering into my ear all the great things he was learning and was in awe of her talents.

Meyer lemon chiffon cake

After her demo, we got to taste her Meyer lemon chiffon cake and blueberry-white chocolate oatmeal cookies. The cookies were so good that we snuck a couple into a napkin to savor while on the ride back home to Orange County.

Andrew Barone and crepes

It was a delicious day to remember at Melissa’s Produce. We came home with a basket of crepe supplies that we used to make turkey, brie and apricot crepes for dinner.

If you don’t already follow Jackie Bruchez on her blog, then you need to start following her now. Also, get a copy of her beautiful cookbook, Decadent Fruit Desserts. It is full of fresh and inspiring treats to excite your senses. I know that my son will be using one of her recipes to make a cake for an upcoming catering event. Maybe he will save me a slice?

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  1. What a great recap, Shelby! I loved hearing a little bit more about your son’s backstory. It’s so inspiring to see chefs in the making!

  2. OH my gosh! I wish I would have been able to talk to him more! That is so cool that he is already going to culinary school. I have a son the same age, and he doesn’t cook anything. He is going to have a rude awakening in college.

    Anyway, thank you so much for coming and for sharing about my book! I hope to see you again soon!

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