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Second Act: Interview with Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini

Thanks to STXfilms for the invitation

Jennifer Lopez delivers an epic performance in the upcoming film “Second Act.” I loved every minute of the film, and I couldn’t wait to sit down with Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini to discuss their roles in the movie.

One of my favorite things about this movie is that it is a story about a woman over the age of 40 reinventing herself. The message of the film will empower women over the age of 40. It will show women that you can be whatever you want. That it’s not over, it is just the beginning!

It was one of the main reasons that Lopez wanted to make the film. “With Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas as my producing partner came up with the spark of an idea, like kind of a Working Girl, It’s a Wonderful Life, an outer-borough woman who was in her forties and was thinking her life was over,” said Lopez. She continued to say, “Infusing all of these beautiful themes of, your life is not over, you get to reinvent, you get to evolve, you get to have another day every single day you wake up. That was really the basis of the film. And then kind of putting all these colorful characters together to tell this story that, well, it’s not over till it’s over at the end of the day.”

There is such chemistry between Lopez and Remini in the film. They play best friends in the movie and are actually real-life best friends too. The director really allowed them to play and bounce off each other when filming. Peter Segal (Director), said, “When we had a little get together at her apartment, we just read through the script, and I got to see what their real-life relationship is like. These guys are like sisters. You start throwing out some joke at her that, “Oh wow,” and she just like zing them right back, and that’s when I encouraged her, I said, “You got to do this on the set.” She kind of took the bit in her mouth and went maybe a little too far with the slapping scene.”

One thing about Jennifer Lopez is that she often does romantic comedies, and she does them so well. When asking her why she navigates towards that type of film, she said, “I’m a romantic. I don’t know if you’ve heard. There’s just something about this job and the fact that it’s most like real life to me. But there’s something that speaks to my soul about this because it’s the most like real life. Life is funny, and it’s sad, and shit happens, and in romantic comedies, you really get to see somebody kind of breakthrough, a really deep fear usually that they have inside.”

“I think I’ve struggled with that in my life, and everybody does, and It’s so relatable.” Jennifer Lopez

The film also beautifully approaches adoption as Jennifer Lopez connects with her birth daughter. When talking about being a mom, Lopez said, “I’m a mom, and I think that when you’re a mom, you’re an adoptive mom, you’re a regular mom, you’re a mom. And I love now playing roles where I get to tap into that because it’s my strongest instinct in life now. And it’s changed everything about how I act, how I conduct my life, how I see the world, everything.”

Don’t miss seeing Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini in the romantic comedy, Second Act, in theaters this Friday, December 21st. Learn more about Second Act online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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