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Secrets to Securing a Happy and Comfortable Retirement

Retirement looks different for everyone because we all have different needs as we age. The ideal retirement for some is waking up on the beach every day while for others it is waking up to the sights and sounds of a farm. No matter what you want it to look like, you should have a happy and comfortable retirement. While money is a big factor in all this, it is not the only thing as it doesn’t guarantee happiness or good health. Consider these secrets to the happy and comfortable retirement you deserve.

Money Is Not Everything, But It Is a Key Consideration

You do not need a huge amount of money to retire comfortably, but you need enough. But how much is enough? Many people think that they need the same amount they had as when they were working. Remember that you are no longer paying income tax (unless in specific investment situations), no longer commuting and are not putting any money towards your retirement.

Considering all this, experts say that about 85% of what you made and spent before retirement will be plenty. A key consideration is your mortgages and loans and if you have paid all of these off or are paying very little, 75-80% of your previous salary should be enough.

Many people are worried about running out of money when they retire, but many do not unless there is a health or family crisis. What you might be worried about is changing your lifestyle. Doing so is crucial in retirement because you want to ensure your retirement matches your budget and potential income – which will come from a retirement fund or your investments.

When thinking about the changes to make, it is important to think about what you can and cannot live without. For example, do you need to attend concerts and eat out often?

Health Should Be a Priority

While we cannot control how we age, we can put steps in place to ensure we are as healthy as possible through our retirements. Taking care of your health and having the care and help you need when you need it will be crucial in retirement.

Many people think about moving to a new place when they retire. Perhaps they do not want to deal with the hassle of living in the city or want a change of scenery. Whatever the case may be, you should ensure that the place you move to has adequate access to health services. This includes local hospitals and other health facilities.

A key consideration is distance and the second is the type of facilities around you. You want a healthcare facility within a few minutes of where you live, and you also want it to provide the types of services you need. For example, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure, you will need specialized healthcare.

Another consideration is the availability of telehealth services. These enable you to get in touch with a doctor or qualified nurse for monitoring and other health services.

It is also worth considering retirement communities. Retirement communities provide different services including personal care, nursing care, independent living, memory care and many other services. If you live in the Lancaster or York region, St. Anne’s is a great retirement community , and you can find out more about our care services here. St. Anne’s is a retirement community that provides individualized nursing care for each of its residents. They provide private and semi-private rooms and nurses standing by to cater to all of their residents’ needs. While the retirement community is Catholic-centered, it caters to residents of all faiths.

Relationships Do Matter

Humans are social beings, and this is why it is so hard to stay isolated for a long time. Isolation can lead to stress and depression, both of which can lead to serious physical, emotional and psychological issues. Studies also show that people who are isolated are often not as happy as those who are not, and they do not live as long. Many retirees underestimate the value of maintaining relationships and connections and being with people.

The first relationships you should cultivate are with family. This should be done before retirement so you know they will be there for you in the later years. If you are moving to a new place, live in it for a few months first before moving permanently. This will allow you to meet the people, explore this new location and see if there are opportunities for nurturing wholesome relationships.

Cultivating these relationships is crucial when you need additional help during your retirement. If you have someone regularly checking up on you, things will be significantly better for you.

Take Care of Yourself

Whether you live in a retirement community or your own home, it is important to take care of yourself. Remember that you can put off some effects of aging by taking better care of yourself. Start by getting your diet in order. Many people underestimate the value of a good diet, especially when they are young and healthy.

As you get older, a good diet will be more important You want to make sure you eat regular, well-balanced meals. If you had a previous pattern and schedule, sticking with it will help with this. Since you will have a lot of free time, you could explore healthy cooking and eating options if you can.

The second way of taking care of yourself while retired is keeping your mind active. We know that memory and cognitive decline happen as we get older. Studies have shown that exercising the mind can help push back when symptoms appear and help keep us sharper for longer. The good news is that there are numerous activities you could try to keep your mind sharp. These range from learning a language or a new instrument to playing board games like scrabble and chess.

Third, you should have a routine. It can feel normal to keep the routine you had previously. You can fill the time you used to spend at work doing things that interest you such as volunteering and pursuing your hobbies. Keeping a routine can also help you find your purpose.

Have a Vision

Many people have a negative view of retirement because they do not know what to do with themselves and their time once they retire. One of the best ways to overcome this is to make a list of what you want to achieve during your retirement. This might seem like something you might not want to do as you have done it your whole life, but it will give your retirement some grounding and purpose.

Having a vision helps you deal with the negative thoughts associated with retirement as you know your life will turn out much better if you have a vision for those years.

It is also important that your vision aligns with your partner’s. You may want to live on a farm, but they may prefer city life, for example. It is best to address these issues as early as possible to make the transition to retirement smoother.

Retiring can be incredibly challenging because many of us are used to a certain life. However, retiring can be a great experience if you plan for it and know what you want to get out of it. Do not forget to have the care and support you need while retired, be it from family friends or professionals.

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