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Sedan: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

Sedans are the quintessential family car. They offer you lots of headspace, legroom and great handling characteristics. They have been born out of a long tradition that goes back to the earliest racing roots. The GT was a concept that took off first in the UK. This was a grand tourer type of car.

Sedan Cars

It was new, agile, fast and could handle rough roads as these were the old types back then. These GT cars were usually 2-door or sometimes 1-door. But they morphed into a 2-door mostly past the 1970s. This was because rich racing drivers wanted to take their mechanic along and thus, you had the 2+2 GT car. Some designers in Europe stretched it out into a fully 4-door car and it became the sedan.

Jack of all trades

Sedan cars can do it all. They have a medium to medium-long wheelbase which makes them handle great on many roads. They can handle winding roads and highways but they may struggle on tighter corners and lanes. They have good to great legroom for passengers in the back, along with their own headrests and cupholders. Nowadays, the front and rear seats are split with regard to climate control. The sedan is a compromise because it’s not a saloon and it’s not a GT or hatchback. It’s a mid-size car that can do it all and do everything well.

A prime example

For many years in a row now, the Jaguar XF and the Mercedes C-class have been duking it out for the top spot on the sedan car heap. But they are both prime examples which we will study.

The Mercedes has a unique curved roof, which gives the backseaters a lot of headroom.
The Jaguar on the other hand, has a lower sense of gravity, making it easier to throw around.
The Mercedes has many driver assists, giving the driver a better chance at seeing around corners and also, in his blindspot.
The Jaguar also has many assists but it has a driver assistance package, with lane drifting and distance measuring of the car in front.

Both models are superb and they exemplify what a modern sedan can be. Yet, they are both a tad pricey. They don’t come cheap and that got us thinking, what is the best example in the affordable category?

South Korea to the rescue?

South Korea makes some excellent electronics but no one really expected them to make a world-beating sedan. The Hyundai Sonata for sale has turned many heads. It’s a classic sedan, with lots of room, plenty of trunk space, has great handling and looks truly modern. With an 8-speed drivetrain, it is very economical too; achieving 50mpg. You can have the sport package with about 300bhp and 350lb-ft of torque. However, it’s a great hybrid sedan with a 1.6-liter engine and electric motor combination.

Sedans are so cool. They offer so much in the way of comfort, convenience, power and driving experience. Let’s hope the newest models keep us guessing and excited for the future.

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