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Sensory Friendly Performance of The Painted Garden

Segerstrom Center for the Arts has scheduled a Sensory Friendly performance of The Painted Garden performed by Compagnia TPO on Saturday, May 20 at 10 a.m. in Samueli Theater.

During this immersive, interactive dance and multimedia show, children are invited to accompany dancers on stage where sensors respond to movement and sound. Spontaneous and filled with surprising twists, the show is a memorable adventure for children where they not only observe the story of the wonderful garden, but also experience it with their bodies. Sensory Friendly performances are geared towards patrons with sensory sensitivity and their families.

They often feature ambient lighting throughout the performance, and a reduction of or warning about loud sounds. Additionally, traditional theater etiquette rules are more relaxed. Patrons can move around and enter and exit the theater as needed as well as use mobile devices to assist with communication during the performance.

Tickets for the May 20 10 a.m. Sensory Friendly performance of The Painted Garden are $20 each and available at the Box Office at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa or by calling (714) 556-2787.

All other performances in the engagement are sold out. For additional information, visit Audiences are encouraged to arrive an hour before the performance for free creative activities. The Center’s Education Department offers these enriching experiences to provide young people and their families more opportunities to play together creatively. Studies show that this is critical in helping to develop the ability to think and problem solve.

The Painted Garden was created by Kurdish painter Rebwar Saeed. In Rebwar’s imaginary gardens, he uses the colors yellow, blue, green, and red to represent earth, water/sky, life and love. Throughout the production, children explore colors, matter, the use of shapes and space. Two dancers create choreography inside each of the different landscapes, and the public is invited to interact and live a theatrical experience based on a ‘tactile’ relationship with images and sounds. The garden provides an unusual combination of aesthetic and sensorial experience that helps to develop the connections between the self and others, and a playful contact with the arts.

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