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Sharing Your Love Of Music With Your Children

As time goes on, it becomes clearer and clearer that it’s often the little things that make the most difference. Sharing a meal with a family member, taking a slow, lazy walk with our dog in the park, or singing our heart out in the car while driving from place to place; ideally accompanied by music, and better yet with a companion.

It’s these experiences that we hope to share with our children in the best way, especially as they grow and begin to develop their own tastes. Part of how we showcase our character ot them and share what we enjoy about the world is in helping them get involved and exposed to your passions in the most suitable way.

A child who falls in love with music is able to empathize more, gather a respect for those who have accomplished major things in their lives, as well as enjoying the deepening effect music has on all of us. So – how can we best share our love of music with our children? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Curate Your Car Playlist

A car playlist can provide fun and hilarity to everyone in the vehicle, provided it doesn’t interfere with your safe driving, of course. Having this kind of playlist on in the background will ensure you can subtly introduce your music to your children, although of course it doesn’t need to be a clandestine activity. Instead of listening solely to what’s on the radio, you might use a streaming service like Spotify to introduce certain songs or genres, a more eclectic list of songs as part of your own personal taste.

Show Them Music Videos Or Concerts You Attended

It’s always healthy to show them the music videos or concerts you may have enjoyed or attended in the past. This can provide you with the chance to show the performers in their most powerful glory, or perhaps showcase the instrumentation and the high amount of skill being presented as part of that. When they see music as an actualized and inspiring art form rather than something to have in the background, such as when offered by practitioners like Gerard Zappa of Wooster you’ll have made a worthwhile presentation.

Add Them To Your Streaming Music Plan (With Certain Parental Constraints In Place)

Streaming music is by far one of the most convenient means of accessing it. Adding them to your family plan through a service like Spotify, Tidal,  Apple or Amazon Music and more will help them listen at their own pace. Here you can also set worthwhile parental controls to keep them protected from explicit language and song themes. 

After all, allowing a child to feel enthused by listening to albums through and through can be healthier than letting them roam free on social media – a kind of cultural education that seems sorely lacking in encouragement these days.

With this advice, we hope you can share your love of music with your children in the best possible light. Just don’t be afraid to rock out when you feel the spirit take you!

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