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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Shaving Cream Fun


It has been a yearly tradition since first having kids to do shaving cream fun with them. Every summer, we bust out the jars of shaving cream from the 99 cent store, and go wild! It is not only one of the cheapest summer activities you can do with your kids, but also one of the funnest.


This activity cost me $5, and the kids were completely entertained for four hours! It’s just a sign that kids don’t always need to be taken to a fancy amusement park to have fun during the summer – they just need some basic tools to let their imagination go wild.


What are you going to need?
I usually purchase at least two cans of shaving cream per child. You will save the most by purchasing at the 99 cent store. You don’t necessarily need this, but it will help with cleanup – a large plastic swimming pool.


How to you contain the mess?
I section off a part of the street, sidewalk and grass using sidewalk chalk. Before the fun begins, we go over the rules of not spraying in anyone’s eyes..blah..blah..blah. Then I tell them that they cannot play outside of the chalk perimeter. (You will thank me for this when not having to cleanup shaving cream all over the street.)


Step back and watch. I found that the kids have the most fun when I am sitting on the sidelines for this activity. I usually sit in a chair to make sure everyone is safe and read a book. The kids like to know that I am there, but also that I am “not”. When I just let the kids express themselves during this activity, they always have more fun!


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