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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Shifting Preferences – Changing Habits of Moms for Enjoyment

There always seems to be room for improvement, no matter what habits you have. Habits that work for you when you are younger may not serve you as well as you get older, and it is essential to be open to changing them.

When you have kids, prioritizing their needs will likely force some of your old habits out the window. Even if they do not, they will still probably evolve in new ways when a child gets added to the picture. 

If those changes are causing problems in your day-to-day life, this article is for you. We will discuss ways to identify problem areas and your approach to shifting habits that no longer work for your lifestyle. You will learn how minor tweaks can lead to significant results and improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

Moms’ Preferences Are Shifting

You are not alone. Many women are trying to balance their personal and professional life. As a result, they are looking for ways to relax and escape from their daily routine. Some moms want more than just a glass of wine after a day of work; they want something to keep them entertained and interested. However, these moms are not only interested in the enjoyment aspect. They are concerned about health too.

It is why shifting preferences are changing the habits of moms. Moms have grown a knack for better-for-you drinks and healthy alcohol alternatives. These can include alcohol-free beer because they do not want to compromise on the taste but still enjoy the benefits of more nourishing products.

Changing the Tradition of Parties

The change in the tradition of the weekend-long party to a whole week of social events is prevalent in this era. Since you start early and end later, you drink more and longer. It is probably one reason why there is more alcohol consumption. And that is a shift because we are used to thinking about the weekend as the time when people go out and have fun.

Also, younger people like to go out more often than older people do on weekends, but once they become parents, they usually do not have time to do it so much anymore. That is why you see an increase in alcohol use in middle-aged women while they drink less in their 20s and 30s.

Changing Smoking Habits

So, why is there an increase in the number of moms that smoke marijuana? Well, they provide a wide array of consumption benefits. With flowers (as moms call it), you can roll a joint, pack a bowl or rip bong hits. The stigma with flowers is that the high is shorter-lived than edibles or vape products.

But it does not mean they all do not love using vape products over edibles. Many women who vape reported still having many edibles on hand for when they want more intense effects.

Differing Gifting Preferences

Does materialism have a positive effect on society? The answer is no. There are many reasons to support this. For instance, according to recent studies from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, humans need the following things in order: food, water, shelter, safety, and security. Beyond that lie esteem needs and self-actualization needs. 

These are our need for status and prestige and our desire to become the best version of ourselves by achieving our full potential. These two take the least priority compared to other basic needs mentioned above, such as food or health.

Experiences Are Replacing Material Things

It is an exciting shift and gets driven by millennials. Millennials do not want the same things that their parents wanted. They get married late, buy homes later, and do not have cable tv. Instead of spending money on material things like cars, houses, and clothes, millennials would prefer to spend money on experiences such as traveling and going to concerts. They prefer experiences over material things because experiences create memories, whereas material things do not.

And though you may not be a millennial yourself, you can still reap the benefits of this trend by giving experiential gifts. What mom will not love tickets to a concert or an out-of-town getaway? She will appreciate any gift with an experience attached to it.

Celebrating a Different Kind of Holiday

More moms than ever before are celebrating a different kind of holiday. The traditional Mother’s Day get-together with the kids and grandkids has gotten a fresh new look, and it is one that more moms are doing for themselves. While the kids may still be bringing mom a pretty bouquet, there is a good chance she is taking advantage of marijuana-infused edibles or vaping her favorite wax in the privacy of her own home.

There was a time when cannabis was something you hid from your mom. Nowadays, it seems like mom wants to know all about it. And with good reason! Cannabis has proven to be effective at helping with aches, pains, and other symptoms that are common as we age. 

Many people find CBD helps to relax without having any intoxicating effects whatsoever. It makes CBD products perfect for moms who want to take things easy but still have their heads on straight enough to enjoy spending time with their families.


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