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When Should You Shop Around For Cheaper Car Insurance Rates

Most Canadian drivers believe that the best time to look for lower car insurance rates is when a renewal is due. But there are several occasions beyond the renewal time when you can shop for a better rate and pay less for your coverage. You only need to identify the best opportunities to secure mid-policy savings. The good thing is that these milestones are hard to miss, so you need not do much work to spot them. Just pick the opportunities as they come, and you can make significant savings every year. Here are some life events when you should start looking for cheaper car insurance rates.

You turn 25+

Everyone knows that younger drivers have to pay more for getting coverage for their vehicles. Your insurance cost tends to lower as you age, and it will dip significantly when you cross the 25-year mark. If your 25th birthday is around the corner, you can go around policy shopping. A clean driving record is an assurance that you can make the best with this opportunity.

You pass your road test

Insurance cost also depends on your driving history and skills. Ditching the probationary license and getting a full unrestricted one is an occasion to celebrate and save money on the auto insurance rate. You deserve the prize when you pass all the driving tests. Make sure you start researching even before appearing for the test so that you can grab the chance right away.

You find a provider offering a lower rate

If you find a provider offering a lower rate, they are worth pursuing even before the renewal time. Mississauga residents can easily Get the lowest auto insurance rates in Mississauga if they look around. You only need to do a little hard work to research the providers in your area and compare their quotes to find a saving opportunity. Ask for discounts or look for bundling options to get significant savings. The market is competitive, so finding a lower rate wouldn’t be a problem.

You are getting married

If marriage is just around the corner, life will change in more than one way. It could be the right time to look for savings on your car insurance rate. When you and your partner are on the same policy, their driving record will affect your rate too. It means you may have to pay more if their record isn’t good enough. It is best to swap your provider and find the best price in current circumstances.

You clean up your driving records

Traffic tickets can be expensive in more than one way, and your insurance premium increases when you get them. An offense stays on your driving record for three years, and you will have to pay more during this phase. Once you clean up your driving record, there is a possibility of savings. Start looking around for a new provider and get a policy at a lower rate.

It is easy to secure savings on car insurance beyond the renewal time. Awareness is the key to grabbing opportunities as they come. Follow this checklist, and you will never miss out on your chance.

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