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Should You Get Implants with Your Mastopexy?


To get implants or not? That was one thing that I had trouble with making a final decision before my breast surgery. I already had good sized breasts, and a lot of breast tissue, did I want to go bigger? One of the best things about having a mastopexy (breast lift) at CosmetiCare is that the doctors take their time to help their patients make the best decision for their body.

During my virtual consultation with Dr. Niccole, he had recommended that I do the mastopexy and get a small implant put in. He agreed that I had good sized breasts, but when they would be lifted up after the procedure, that the implants would give them a more rounded and natural look.

A couple of weeks before my surgery, I had an in-person consultation to go over the sizing, measurements, and details with Dr. Niccole. During this appointment was when I had to make the decision on whether to get the implants or not. Dr. Niccole took his time to explain to me how my breast would look without the implant, and I realized that I would have more of a pear shaped breast without it. When he moved my breast and showed me what it would look like without the implant, I immediately knew that I wanted to have the implant along with the mastopexy.

We then talked a lot about size, and he found the perfect sized implant to where my breasts would look natural following the surgery and not be too big (which I was worried about).

The morning of my surgery, he drew lines on my chest from the measurements he took in my appointment, and make a last minute decision with me to go a little smaller on my implants than we had originally planned. Thankfully, they had the smaller size in stock, and it ended up being the perfect last minute decision.

Following the surgery, my breasts have a very natural look. They are not too big and not too small – they are just right. Having the implant put in during my mastopexy was the best decision that I could have made. When having your consultation at CosmetiCare for a mastopexy, talk to the doctor about whether or not an implant is a good fit for your body. Make an appointment for your consultation at CosmetiCare by calling 949.429.4369. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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