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Shrimp Broil Sheet Pan Recipe

Now that summer is quickly approaching; I have been thinking about quick and easy ways to get a healthy dinner on the table every night. I’ve decided to try and make as many sheet pan recipes for the family this summer so that I won’t have as many dishes to do every night. Since my kids love shrimp, I made a tasty Shrimp Broil Sheet Pan Recipe for dinner last week, and it was a hit in my household. The best part is that there was virtually no mess!!

Shrimp Broil Sheet Pan Recipe


2 heads of corn
1 Pound of shrimp
1 Package of andouille sausage
1 Pound of small baby yellow potatoes
2 Tbls. Chopped parsley
1/4 Cup of melted butter
4 Cloves of garlic (minced)
dash of salt and pepper
optional rice


1. Chop the corn, sausage, and potatoes into smaller pieces.
2. Boil a pot of water and cook the corn and potatoes for 10-12 minutes.
3. Add the corn, potatoes, shrimp, sausage to a large sheet pan and use your hands to mix them ingredients well.
4. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the sheet pan.
5. Melt the butter and mix well with the garlic.
6. Pour the butter and garlic mixture over the sheet pan. Use a spoon to mix well.
7. Sprinkle parsley over the sheet pan.
8. Broil at high for 10-15 minutes.
9. Serve with rice.

Enjoy making this simple, healthy and delicious recipe with your family this summer. Check back on the blog soon for more simple sheet pan recipes this Spring and Summer!

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  1. This looks delicious!

  2. I’ve never bought nor cooked shrimp before. After some recipe reading and Youtube watching I decided to choose your article as a tutorial. And it worked for me! Thank you for sharing!

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