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Sifteo Cubes as a Tech Toy Parents Can Appreciate

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Summer is here and for many parents that means our children are home for the summer.  We all work to keep our kids engaged in academics and sports over the summer to help make the transition back to school in fall that much easier.   It can be easy to give in to more screen time over the summer, but with the ever increasing amount of tech gadgets, it can be hard to do.  Sifteo Cubes are a tech toy that children…

and parents can enjoy and appreciate.

sifteo cubes games

Sifteo Cubes are classic play made interactive and we love that the games challenge the mind is simple ways. This award-winning game is tactile and truly different than any other tech game system we have played with.

Sifteo Cubes come preloaded with the above games and by simply connecting the Sifteo Base to your computer, you can download additional games.  The games range in price from $8-$12 but we bet you will that everyone in the family plays with these cubes.

Sifteo Cubes

We recently traveled to Florida for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference...

on a four and a half hour flight, our nine year old son played for an hour and so did my husband and I.  The games are oddly addicting so be prepared to share and have fun as a family.

Sifteo Cubes in play

Sifteo Cubes are a game that requires you to think about how each cube works in relation to each other.  You need to slide them to connect them with a neighbor…

Sometimes you need to tilt them.

Sometimes you need to shake them.

And sometimes you need to press them.

It’s old school gaming meets modern day technology.

Sifteo Cubes Review

Children and adults will be challenged with sequences, mazes, numbers, and mental strategy.  When you combine that with the visual spacial skills involved in playing a game with three or more cubes, it is a completely new experience.

The real twist is when you work together with others to play a game because then you have to actually…


communicate with words.

As you consider what to do to fill those long summer days, you may want to consider Sifteo Cubes.  They retail for $129.99, but provide hours of fun where you don’t have to worry about “too much technology” or “too much screen time”.

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