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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Serviced

The right air conditioning service can make your life easier and more comfortable.  But what if you don’t know when it’s time to schedule the appointment? And what if you’re not sure how much it will cost? We’ve got answers!  Producing cold air with a specific temperature is as easy as flipping on an appliance. The only question left is: How do I keep my AC running at peak performance?


Low airflow

The dryer the air, the less resistant it is to currents, and this means that your ducts need to be cleaned. The colder the temperature of the room you’re in, the higher capacity your AC needs to keep up with demand for heating or cooling. This means that a clog in your exhaust pipe will reduce airflow significantly because subsequent coils can’t cool as quickly as needed. As advised by the technicians at, to determine the extent of repair needed, you need to contact the experts who can help you assess the damage. It is crucial to keep your system clean and free of debris to avoid future issues.

Squeaking or chirping noise and other unusual sounds

Most AC systems are similar to cars in the sense that they need periodic maintenance. While most people know that it’s important to get your oil changed, air conditioners also need regular inspections by a professional technician. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  1. AC systems can experience sudden damage due to storms and power outages, putting homeowners at risk of electrical shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or structural collapse; 
  2. Central AC repair can cost thousands of dollars in addition to whatever it costs to replace the equipment.

It is important for technicians who will be inspecting an existing system or installing a new one to do so regularly throughout the spring and summer months when repairs are more likely to be needed. For the best possible results, many AC repair companies offer seasonal tune-ups in addition to installation and upkeep services.

The expansion valve that blows warm air out of the evaporator coil may not be properly lubricated, so when you turn your AC on and off repeatedly, it can make this noise. This type of noise usually only occurs during warmer months, so if you are hearing it during the winter, a professional should inspect your AC system. A dirty filter can cause reduced airflow and less effective cooling in your AC unit because air is not moving as freely through it. The technician will check for this problem and clean your filter to get rid of particles that are restricting airflow.

High temperature

Placing heat sources, such as lamps or stoves, too close to the thermostat can cause it to sense an even higher temperature than what is really happening in your home. This may cause your air conditioner to work overtime all summer long, which will lead it to wear out sooner.

Cold spots in your home

An air conditioner should have regular maintenance done because, without it, dirt and debris can accumulate on the coil fins that carry refrigerant through them. This can cause problems like insufficient airflow or high gas pressures because of too much resistance. The technician will also inspect your indoor evaporator coil because water can seep out onto these coils and freeze during winter months, reducing the effectiveness of your AC by slowing down circulation which cools the coil more slowly or not at all! 

If these problems accumulate, your AC can’t cool efficiently and will stop working altogether. You’ll hear an unusual noise when you turn on your unit or if it is completely shut off. You may also be experiencing cold spots in the rooms of your home where they don’t feel as cool as other areas do. Badly needed air conditioning service could be more expensive due to parts that may need to be replaced or recharged, but taking preventative measures is a great way to avoid a costly repair or replacement down the road when it’s still in peak condition. Otherwise, any issues with your AC could lead to you needing to replace it altogether sooner than you would like, so maintaining your equipment is worth the expense upfront.


All of these can indicate a need for expert inspection and repair. Contact your local AC technician as soon as possible so they can give you a quote and schedule a service appointment! To avoid this, be proactive by scheduling an annual checkup with an AC professional who will perform routine maintenance checks on all parts that are vital to keeping your system running at peak performance year-round. This includes checking refrigerant levels, performing filter changes, checking electrical wiring, and checking all visible parts of the system.

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