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Signs Of Water Leaks That You Need To Be Aware Of

Water is an important part of any physical structure whether it is residential or otherwise—as long as they’re contained within a pipe, tub, or sink. As much as it is important, it can quickly become a brutal enemy when it goes where it shouldn’t and ends up damaging several other things.

Plumbing leaks can be one of the most frustrating problems anyone gets to experience. Some of them are quite obvious and easy to fix, however, others are hidden within the walls or ceilings. It is those that usually end up causing more damage to the property and you would not even realize it. 

Homeowners need to know how to look for water leaks, so keep reading to know when there’s a leak somewhere and how to nip the plumbing problem quickly. 

Water Stains On The Walls Or Ceilings

Whenever there is a dark spot or other forms of discoloration on your ceiling, that is a sign of water leaking somewhere. These spots are often an indication that there is a leak in the roof. If there is, however, an upstairs bathroom in the property and you find a discolored spot on the roof below the bathroom, then the leak is possibly coming from there. 

Most of the time, there might be no signs of a leak on the ceiling unless the leak has been there for a while so the moment you notice it addresses the problem quickly.

Mold Or Mildew

Consistent water leaks cause the formation of mold. Apart from the fact that it is unpleasant to see, mold can result in respiratory issues and cause irritation to people who are asthmatic. When left untreated, the leaks can form a toxic black mold which is quite dangerous. 

How are they formed? Molds grow because moisture or standing water has been condensed from uninsulated or leaking pipes, leaking washing machine hoses, and water leaked into the basement. 

Correcting mold damage needs to be taken care of by experts who come with their crews and full PPEs to remove the mold and all that it has contaminated. Contact water damage restoration Dallas if you reside in Texas’ capital city as soon as possible. If you don’t want some parts of your house to be damaged such as the wood or drywall, then don’t leave it unchecked. Take action quickly and keep you and your family safe. 

High Water Bills

It’s easy to predict your water bill usage every month so that when you receive a bill that’s out of place and you are certain you’ve not been using water excessively —you can say there’s a leak. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, it is presumed that a family of four would likely use at least 12,000 gallons per month except during summertime. That can help you keep track of your water usage and identify when there are discrepancies. 

The smallest leaks like a faucet that’s steadily dripping can lead to the wastage of 10,000 gallons of water yearly, as such, watching out for high water bills is a proactive move. Keep track of your water usage during high and low seasons especially, winter. If, for instance, a family of four uses more than 12,000 gallons every month, they need to bring in an expert as there would be serious leaks in the house.

A good way to check if there’s a leak at home is for you to take note of the readings on your water meter when going out and there’s no one home and check it upon arrival. If the reading increased, then there is a leak somewhere. \

Are There Greener Grasses?

Greener grass is the dream of any homeowner with a lawn. But if there is an area in the yard that always turns out greener even growing faster than the rest, then that could be an indication that a buried water line is leaking. When the leaking is intense, there might even be puddles on the ground and covered by the grass.

Plumbing Noises

If all piping systems in the house are all in good shape, the plumbing should be relatively quiet. There are a couple of reasons why you keep hearing strange noises in your plumbing. Vibrating or rattling sounds may be because of a loose-fitting or mount along the lines and in that case, it could be a sign there is not just water leaking but it’s causing damage to the walls. Whenever you hear water continuously running when your fixtures are turned off, ensure you check for what’s causing it and get it fixed quickly. 

Detecting water leaks early enough can save you from spending excess money. It’s not as if you have to always listen to the sounds from your plumbing systems, just pay attention and watch out for the signs mentioned here.

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