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Simple Prosecco Grape Recipe

Having friends over? Looking for a fun new snack to serve while entertaining? Then you need to try making Prosecco grapes. With it being the peak of the grape season, and Melissa’s Produce has been filling the shelves of my local market with delicious seasonal grapes, I decided to make prosecco grapes for a recent girls night out that I hosted.

Prosecco grapes are so easy to make, and you’re guests are going to love how sweet and delicious they are. For this recipe, I made them with Melissa’s Produce champagne grapes, but you can use any kind of grape that you want – just as long as it’s from Melissa’s Produce (wink).

Simple Prosecco Grape Recipe

1 Package of Melissa’s Produce grapes
1 cup of sugar
1 Bottle of Prosecco


1. Clean the grapes and take them off the stems.

2. In a bowl, pour prosecco over the grapes.

3. Refrigerate the grapes overnight in the prosecco.

4. Drain the grapes.

5. Roll the grapes in sugar.

6. Serve cold. (Sometimes I will freeze the grapes after rolling in the sugar and serve them frozen – perfect to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon)

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