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Six Things a Single Mom Can Teach a Child on Father’s Day

I have been a single mom since Chase was in the womb, but rather than ignore Father’s Day when it comes around each year, I encourage Chase to thank the role models that have been there for him throughout his life. Here’s how we celebrate and some other ideas that may help.

Celebrate Your Male Role Models

Fathers aren’t the only male role models a child can have. Chase is lucky enough to have a really close relationship with my father, his Papa as he calls him. But it could be an uncle, or an elder brother, a godfather or even a teacher – whoever it is, take the time to thank them for their help and support.

Don’t Rely On Shop Bought

Most shop bought cards and gifts for Father’s Day have the word Dad or Father emblazoned all over them. So help your child make a card or gift for their role model. As well as being cathartic, it will be unique and a real keepsake.

Talk About Things

Don’t pretend their father doesn’t exist. If they ask about him, talk about him. And try to focus on the positive things rather than using it as an opportunity to rant. It’s important for young girls to have a healthy perspective of the opposite sex and it’s important for young boys to have a healthy perspective of themselves. It all starts in the home.

Imagine Being A Dad

Whether your child is a boy or a girl, get them to imagine what it’s like being a Dad and how they would like to be treated by him. Then tell them to use that advice to be kind to themselves and others. Draw the line if this includes buying candy every day though. LOL!

Adopt A Dad

There are lots of elderly folk out there, living alone and not seeing anyone from one week to the next. Why not find a charity in your area that works with the elderly and see if you can visit someone regularly. You could make someone’s Father’s Day very special by chatting to them about their life and memories?

Celebrate Your Dad

If your father has passed away, visit his favorite places, listen to his favorite music and cook his favorite food. Celebrate the good times and say a little prayer.

We’d love to hear some of your ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day if you’re a single mom or if your father, or children’s father, is no longer alive.

Together with her teenage son Chase, Mary Bailey is the co-creator of Chase ‘N Yur Face, a free online resource designed to inspire children and families to celebrate life—from the simple to the spectacular. In 2014, Mary made the decision to step down from her corporate job in order to home school her son who, as a toddler, was diagnosed with autism. Today, the single mom and entrepreneur creates her son’s curriculum which revolves around his love of cooking. Through this journey, her goal is to help Chase become a self-sufficient adult, as well as to establish a foundation for people like Chase, who need a helping hand to make their dreams achievable.
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