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Smart Ways To Use Tech To Boost Your Restaurant Business

The US has a vibrant restaurant industry, with data indicating that there are over 1 million restaurants in the country. Competition in this industry is cut-throat, and restaurants that cannot adapt will likely fail in their first year. Consequently, your restaurant needs to embrace the technology boom of the recent decade that has altered restaurant operations and dining preferences significantly. This way, it can gain a firm, competitive edge over others failing to use technology to the fullest. Here are some ways to use technology to drive your restaurant business forward.


  • Offer free WiFi


WiFi used to be a treat for customers, but it is increasingly becoming a basic need. A whopping 96% of consumers prefer businesses that offer free WiFi, and some may even head elsewhere just because your restaurant does not provide it. Consequently, use free WiFi as a great tool to attract customers to your restaurant and keep them coming back. Free WiFi attracts remote workers who will always frequent your restaurant to eat, relax, and continue their work. Families with kids will also likely consider your restaurant a great place to visit since they can readily keep their children distracted with devices for quiet meals.


  • Use digital menus


A digital menu is a digitized version of your restaurant’s menu that your customers can access via QR codes. Patrons visiting your restaurants can use their smartphone cameras to scan the QR codes from their tables, allowing for an enhanced menu browsing experience. It is easier to offer detailed descriptions and add item-specific images using digital menus. Excellent features like menu search can also enable faster navigation to particular items, so diners don’t have to flip through lengthy menus to find what they want. You can also update your menu more easily if it is digital and save on printing costs. Therefore, make QR code for your restaurant menu to impress your patrons and simplify their dining experience.


  • Delegate some of the work to AI chatbots


Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with humans over the internet. These automated messaging systems are an essential extension of many modern companies’ customer service teams. You can include them as little message boxes that pop up to answer customer questions on your website. Using chatbots for your restaurant means less work for you. Chatbots also keep your customers informed by answering common questions. You can even use these bots to help your customers make reservations, taking a lot of the pressure off your employees.


  • Invest in an online ordering app


An online ordering app for your restaurant is worth considering to make it stand out and get ahead of its competitors. A personalized app offers a unique opportunity to build a loyal following instead of getting lost on a competitive third-party food delivery app. Furthermore, an app could boost your customer engagement since guests can update their dining preferences and share their experiences on social media. Finally, you can integrate loyalty programs into your mobile app to encourage higher spending.


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