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70MAI: Smartest Dash Cam


Just like in the 70’s there were CB radios in almost every car, this day in age more and more people are installing dash cameras in theirs.

The 70MAI: Smartest Dash Cam truly is the smartest dash cam that is on the market. This fully integrated Dash Camera is ideal for everyone as it has so many advanced features that are standard which separates this Camera from the others out on the market.

The 70MAI is rechargeable, and it can be charged using the cigarette lighter allowing the camera to stay on it mount where it belongs.

When the camera is ready for a charge, the indicator light begins to glow red showing its need for a charge. The best feature of this camera that separates it from the competition is the voice activation feature. It is so ahead of its time that whether you have marbles in your mouth or an accent the camera can obey the commands allowing the driver to focus on the road.

The 70MAI also is standard with a Sony IMX 323 High Sensitivity Image Sensor to that the pictures and videos come out clean and crisp. Also, the Emergency Auto recording is a nice touch when you are not in a position to give a voice command or turn on the camera to record manually.

The app that is used simply connects the camera to your smartphone for ease of use and again to allow the camera to remain in place on its mount in the car.

This camera is way more than the dash cameras you pick up at a discount auto parts stores. It is a fine instrument that will only amplify the driving experience and record events and scenery while driving.

It is imperative these days and may be able to help you in the event of an accident or emergency to record these events for police or insurance. Also, this Camera can help you to take still photos and videos of your commute or drive when you want to record scenery that is worthy of being photographed.

If you have that one person in your life that loves to drive and is always looking for the latest items to add to his or her vehicle this Dash Camera is the number one item I would check out.

It is high tech and light years ahead of the other cameras on the market which means that if bought it would not be rivaled for quite some time allowing the tech lover ample time to enjoy this camera in their car. This Camera is fantastic and I am happy to have it mounted in our family vehicle. Learn more about it online.

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