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How To Smartly Use The Space In Your Garage To Keep Your House Free Of Junk

In many homes, the garage is the home of all our junk. It’s where we put everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. From sports equipment to garden tools, from Christmas decorations to old paint cans – if it’s not needed on a day-to-day basis, chances are you’ll find it in your garage. But if you’ve got limited space in there and need more room for your car or other things that can’t fit inside your home, here are some tips on how to use that space smartly.

Use shelves to store your tools

Shelves are a great way to store your tools and other items in your garage. They’re easy to install and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. So if you have a small space within your garage, you can mount shelves tightly against the walls to maximize the space. If you have a large garage there are many different shelving designs that can allow for ample storage space. 

Overhead ceiling storage racks are another way to maximize space in your garage. Compared to other solutions for garage storage, they are very simple to install and they also free up floor space. These racks can hold things such as sports equipment, tools, wicker baskets, or even your cars! If you have enough spare room in your garage, it might be worth looking into purchasing overhead storage racks so that you can utilize the extra space above you.

Look at hooks for large items

If you have a few larger items that don’t get used regularly but they’re too big to store inside your house then these should probably live in your garage instead. You could hang them from the ceiling behind closed doors if there’s already a good amount of wasted wall or ceiling space within your garage. Another option is to purchase an extra hook rack if there isn’t much wall space available. It’s a good way to make use of every last inch of space in your garage, and the more storage you have the less likely it is you’ll accumulate junk or other items that you just don’t need.

Hang a pegboard for easy access

One way to use your garage space more efficiently is by hanging a pegboard on one of the walls. The pegboard can be used for storing all manner of items, from screws and nails to tools. This can provide easy access to the things you need without having to find them in a cluttered mess at the bottom of a drawer.

Furthermore, you can hang hooks on the pegboard for certain items that would fit better there. You might, for example, wish to keep baseball bats and other long objects in this way.

Also, it’s important to note that while a pegboard is most useful for its hooks and pegs, it can also be used as a board on which to place things that don’t have any holes in them. Nails and screws may always work their way out of paper or cardboard, but they’re much less likely to do so when they’re handily attached to wood. It’s worth hanging your coat hangers from nails through the loops of each hanger (as opposed to just dropping the whole thing onto the floor) so that they’re not only organized but also out of the way.

One of the most common items to be stored on a pegboard is tools, whether they be hand or power. If you have more than you can easily carry in one trip, make use of hooks as well as pegs and nails. Place a few hooks around your garage so that you can move tools from place to place relatively easily even if you don’t have enough wall space for them all at once – just hang them on a hook and take them down when you need something not hanging up!

Store seasonal decorations in boxes on the floor 

Seasonal decorations can take up a lot of space if you store them in boxes that are scattered around the house. But, if you use your garage to store these, they won’t clutter up your living spaces.

To make things easy to find when it’s time to clean up for a seasonal change or decorate for a special occasion, label the boxes clearly so you know what is in them without having to open each one individually. If you’re renting an apartment and don’t have extra storage available outside of your own home, this can be an ideal solution.

You may also want to consider using several smaller storage containers rather than a few large ones. This way everything will be easily accessible and there won’t be much running around required when searching for something specific like decorations for a theme party.

To make these arrangements look less like clutter and more like storage, consider lining the floor of your garage with tarps or other thin linings that won’t obscure what you are storing. This will keep things looking tidy at all times and it is good for waterproofing as well because you can lay items on their side if they don’t fit upright without them getting ruined by water from above.

If you have no idea about how to build some containers but still want to take advantage of this way of saving space so it isn’t wasted, boxes are generally easy enough to find or even get free from friends who also store seasonal decorations in their garages throughout the year. 


If you’re running out of space in your garage, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to make the most use of it without feeling like everything is cluttered and hard to find. Consider using shelves for tools or hooks and pegboards as a way to organize larger items that would otherwise take up much-needed floor space. If you have seasonal decorations, such as Christmas lights or Halloween costumes, they can be stored on the ground in boxes so they aren’t taking up valuable vertical storage space either! Lastly, if all else fails, consider renting a second garage or storage facility spot near your home just for storing extra-large items outside your house. 

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