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How Smoke from Fires Can Affect Kids

How Smoke From Fires Can Affect Kids.jpg

This morning the smoke from the San Diego fires made its way into air above Orange County. Are you worried about how smoke from the fires will affect your kids? When wildfire smoke is in the air it’s important to be cautious when sending children out to play because it can be highly dangerous for young kids, pets and elderly in our community.

According to the epa: “Masks are not enough. Children are more susceptible to smoke for several reasons: their respiratory systems are still developing; they breathe more air (and air pollution) per pound of body weight than adults; and they’re more likely to be active outdoors.”

How to protect yourself: The epa advises limited exposure to the smoke. “Watch the local news to follow any health warning issued. Keep your windows and doors closed, unless it’s extremely hot outside, and then seek alternative shelter. Utilize your air conditioner.”

Signs that the smoke is affecting the health of your kids: The epa advises “irritated eyes, coughing, scratchy throat, and headaches can be a sign that the smoke is affecting your kids.” We recommend consulting your children’s doctor for more information in regards to your children’s specific health situation.

Our thoughts are with all the families in San Diego displaced our affected by the current fires. Learn more about how to protect your kids online at

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