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Solo: A Star Wars Story: Paul Bettany

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

While in Los Angeles interviewing the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story there was one actor that clearly stood out from all the rest, and that was Paul Bettany. One of my colleagues had fallen and was on crutches, as many of you know, we always take a group photo, and Paul Bettany was the only one of the actors who offered his seat (the only seat) to my friend. When he did that, he immediately became my favorite actor in the film.

Not only is Paul Bettany a great guy in real life, but he also steals the show with his epic performance in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars was a big part of Paul Bettany life growing up, and he was beyond thrilled to be a part of the film, “There were many moments where I went, oh, my gosh, I’m in a Star Wars movie. And I think because Ron and I were newcomers on the block. You know, everyone else had been in there for eight months or whatever. And we were still totally un-jaded by it. And I kept elbowing him and saying, we’re making a Star Wars movie. We’re making a Star Wars movie!” said Bettany.

The story behind how Bettany got involved with the film is one of my favorites. “This is a hugely embarrassing story which I shouldn’t tell you, but I’ve got to tell you anyway. I heard that my old mate, Ron, was doing it and in 1977 I saw Star Wars, right. So, I was six years old, and it took me out of the gray, miserable 1970’s London. London was really depressed in the ‘70s, by the way. So, it was just to be taken away to that universe, and it was amazing. But now I’m in the Avengers, so I think there’s no way I’m ever going to be asked to be in Star Wars – unless Ron Howard becomes the director. And that happened. And so, I texted him, and I literally texted him this, I said, I said, hey, Ron, have you ever spent long winter evenings, like I have to wonder why you’re not in the Star Wars franchise? And that’s a true story. And he said, you know, give me a moment. And, LOL, give me a moment. And two weeks later I was flying to London to shoot it,” said Bettany.

Bettany’s character has incredible make-up in the film, and I was shocked to learn from him that it is all CG (computer generated) in post-production of the film. “It’s amazing what they can do nowadays, isn’t it? I also can’t make my eyes bleed. That’s another thing I failed at,” said Bettany, and everyone in the room burst into laughter.

He is at the peak of his career in both Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story. What does that feel like to the talented actor? “It feels pretty great. It’s like the moment in Arthur where the florist says, hey, you’re the millionaire, right? And he goes, yes. And he goes what’s it feel like to have all that money? And he says, he feels pretty great,” said Bettany.

If you’ve been following his career, he is known for being a great husband and father. We were curious to see what his kids thought of him being in the film, and he shared with us that one of his favorite parts of making the film was bringing his children and their friends and family on the set to see the Millennium Falcon. “I was like a tour guide. I mean I had no time to, you know, I was in London, so people just kept, it’s like you’ve got to bring the kids. I can take you on the Millennium Falcon. I was just endlessly leaving set to take children around because it’s amazing seeing their faces when they are on the Millennium Falcon, I mean it’s just – it’s phenomenal. Like you walk around the whole, you know, walk around the whole ship and its, ah, it’s just amazing,” said Bettany.

Don’t miss seeing Paul Bettany in Solo: A Star Wars Story this Friday! Learn more about Solo: A Star Wars Story online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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