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Special Message to my kids from Ernie Sabella aka Pumbaa

I visited as a guest of Disney

I have had the honor of meeting many Disney legends over the years, but I had the most magical experience when meeting Ernie Sabella last month at Walt Disney World. Who is Ernie Sabella? He is not only one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, but also the voice of the beloved Pumbaa in the movie The Lion King.

Normally, when I meet a celebrity at a media event, I usually get a photo opportunity and time to ask them some questions about the film they are currently promoting. It was very different when I first met Ernie Sabella. It was the first night that I had arrived at Walt Disney World, and I went to a special Lion King themed dinner that Sabella was attending. When I approached Ernie Sabella to say ‘hello,’ he was the nicest celebrity that I have ever had the opportunity of meeting.

After we said ‘hello’ to each other, he asked me if I wanted to send a video message from Pumbaa to my kids back at home. I was in awe! I couldn’t believe that he was offering such a wonderful gift for my children. My hand was shaking with excitement, and when he asked me what was the names of my children, I only mentioned my two boys (forgetting to mention my daughter – bad mom…but I was nervous and excited all at the same time).

I then texted the video message to my kids, and they couldn’t believe it that Pumbaa was sending them a special message all the way from Walt Disney World. Then I got the message from my daughter, Ella saying, “what about me?”

So, I nervously went over to Ernie Sabella and told him that I forgot to include my daughter’s name, and he offered to make a special message just for her. When I texted the message to her, it made her the happiest little girl ever.

Over the next couple of days, I got to spend a lot of time with Sabella. He told me about how much he loved working on the film, The Lion King, and how it makes him so happy to bring joy to children around the world. He is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood and made me love the movie The Lion King more than ever.

The Lion King is now available on Blu-ray and digital download with Disney Movies Anywhere.

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