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Spooky Science Activities for Kids at Discovery Science Center

Spooky Science Activities for Kids at Discovery Science Center

Things are getting pretty spooky at Discovery Science Center this Halloween season with their spooky science activities for kids to explore. When we heard the thunder rolling, and the lighting striking, we knew that it was the perfect night to visit the exhibit at the Discovery Science Center.

Science Show

Teaching kids about science

Fun science experiments for kids

When we first walked into the spooky center, there were pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns throughout the center. We started off the evening with an interactive spooky science stage show. The kids got to see the mad scientist at work as she created creepy, crawly creations right before their eyes.

Touching Slime

Just as the stage show was about to end, the lights when out, the music went on, as everyone in the center experienced a spooktacular light show. The kids started doing “the monster mash” while a giant jack-o-lantern on the stage show sang along.

Decorating Pumpkins

Science of Pumpkins

How much does a pumpkin weigh

The kids got to decorate their own pumpkin, make green slime, compare their weight to giant pumpkins, and more! There were learning stations throughout the center where children could learn about spiders, and pumpkins from the centers scientist.

Making Slime

How to make slime

Mixing Slime

We ended the spooky science fun by going on a fun 3-D maze. The kids put on their glasses, and the maze came to life as the kids ran through the twisty maze. All of the spooky fun is included with admission to the Discovery Science Center! The fun does not stop there as the center will be incorporating extra fun on the weekends throughout the month of October.

Learning about pumpkins

October 12-13: Unbelievable Magic
There will be a magic show where a live magician will perform his classic science tricks.

October 19-20: Creepy Crawlers
Dr. Sue’s Insect Zoo and an NHM Entomologist will bring their bugs for kids to touch and interact with!

October 26-27: Jack-O-Lanterns
There will be a large display of expect designed jack-o-lantern, and a giant pumpkin from Tanaka Farms on display.

Discovery Science Center

The Discovery Science Center is located at 2500 N. Main Street in Santa Ana. They are open daily from 10am to 5pm. Tickets are $15.95 (adults 15+), $12.95 for children (3-14), $12.95 for seniors (62+), and parking is $4.

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