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Spotting Early Roof Problems And What To Do About Them

When it comes to real estate maintenance, the roof is usually the most overlooked of all home parts. It’s been given a bad rap from years of neglect and issues left unattended. But today we’ll open your eyes to what you can do about these problems before they become serious ones.

1) Missing Shingles

If you see any missing shingles on your roof, this can cause water intrusion to your home which will lead to structural damage if not immediately fixed. If you cannot reach the roof by yourself and fix the minor damages, try hiring a professional. Depending on where you live, and if you live in San Antonio, try googling “roof installations in San Antonio” to find professionals in your area. A good roofing professional can help you prevent issues that could take place in the future. 

Since it’s easy for the wind to catch a loose shingle, ensure that all of them are secure by checking the entire roof. Investing in a good pair of binoculars should be enough to help you spot these problems from ground level. If you do find missing shingles, contact a professional roofer immediately who will have no problem taking care of this small issue quickly and efficiently. 

2) Discoloration

A discolored roof is usually an indication that something is wrong underneath. Here too, water intrusion may be occurring which leads to serious structural problems whether it be the roof joists, ceiling supports, or even your home’s foundation. If you spot any brown or black stains on your shingles, this means that water is leaking through which will also result in wood rot and mold growth. Water is what causes all these problems so make sure to solve the issue as soon as possible for the sake of your property!

You can solve the issue of roof discoloration by yourself with the help of a pressure washer or by hiring professional services to do the job for you. Pressure washing will remove any loose debris that might be causing the staining. Once the stains are gone, you should see the roof’s natural color return. If your roof is already discolored and it doesn’t look like pressure washing will do anything about it, then contacting a professional roofer is your best course of action!

3) Obvious Wear And Tear

It’s always a good idea to monitor wear and tear on your roof since this part of the property usually gets the most abuse from our 4-legged companions. Dogs love lounging around under a shady tree so if you have one in the backyard, their favorite place to go might just be your roof! We’re not kidding either, people have seen their dogs lounging on the roof of their homes or even worse – having accidents that lead to wear and tear. If you do spot any obvious signs of wear and tear, please contact a professional roofer right away before it becomes an even bigger problem.

If you spot visible signs of wear and tear on your roofing material, especially cracks, this means that structural problems are happening underneath which need to be fixed immediately to avoid further damage. These could be tiny cracks in between tiles or big ones over entire portions of the rooftop. 

4) Irreparable Roof Issues

If your roof has extensive damage, getting the entire roof changed is necessary. If you see irreparable damage, contact a professional roofer right away for your best course of action. If your shingles are severely damaged or if there is wood rot on the framing members, then the only solution would be to replace all of them along with any damaged flashing. This can lead to further structural problems so ensure that you have it fixed as soon as possible!

The cost of an entirely new roof can cost a small fortune, but it’s necessary to ensure the safety of your entire home. Repairing an already damaged roof can get extremely expensive and you could end up spending more than what a completely new roof would cost you instead. In the case that the irreparable damage is due to water damage from recent storms or leaks that have been going on for some time now, try seeing if your house is insured for natural disasters then get a roofer involved right away will help correct any water intrusion issues so they never happen again! 


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home since it safeguards everything underneath from weather conditions, natural predators, and accidental damage. Now that you’re aware of these common issues with your home’s roof, make sure to monitor them regularly for your property’s safety! Contact a local professional roofer who knows what they’re doing when it comes to securing your home against exterior damage! 

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