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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: DIY Leprechaun Wreath

DIY St. Patrick's Day Crafts: Leprechaun Wreath

I am sure by now you all know or have heard the old Irish legend about the “pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.” Here is a cute craft you can make to have your very own Leprechaun’s wreath inspired by the legend. Of all the St. Patrick’s Day Craft I’ve made, this is very easy to make. My 7 year old son and I made this for St. Patrick’s Day and it is proudly displayed on our door greeting our visitors. We had fun making and designing it and hope you all enjoy it too.


Supplies needed:

  • 1 paper plate
  • 5 or 6 pipe cleaners to make a rainbow. (we left blue out)
  • 8 inches of ribbon (your choice in color/pattern)
  • Green yarn
  • 3 plastic gold coins
  • 6 white pom pom’s or cotton balls
  • 1 printed or hand drawn Leprechaun (we found ours by searching royalty free clip art online)
  • Green and silver glitter glue
  • Glue gun with glue sticks (we use low temp…it saves fingers)

Optional items:

  • Wired shamrock garland
  • Plastic pot of gold
  • Let’s begin crafting your wreath.




Using your scissors or a pen, poke a hole in the center of the paper plate.


Cut a straight line from the center hole in the plate until you are around 1 inch away from the edge.

Cut around the plate only leaving one inch around. When you come back to where you started you will be left with your wreath.


Tie your green yarn to the plate making a knot to secure it.


Start wrapping the yarn around the paper plate making sure the yarn is taught, so their will be little to no white showing.


When you have fully covered your plate cut the yarn leaving about a 4 inch tail.

Take the tail of yarn you left on and tie it to the back of the plate. Be sure you are not leaving a gap in between the start and finish of the yarn.

Your wreath is now ready to decorate!

Turn your glue gun on.


Glue on the pipe cleaners in a rainbow pattern at the top of the wreath. (Do this one pipe cleaner at a time.)


Take 3 pom pom’s or cotton balls and glue them to the bottom of the rainbow in a cloud shape. Repeat this step on the opposite side of the rainbow.


Below the rainbow glue on 3 gold coins.

Cut out your Leprechaun


Glue the Leprechaun to the wreath under the cloud on the opposite side of the wreath the gold coins are on.

Glue the ribbon to the top of the wreath in back for a hanger.

Using your glitter glue give your Leprechaun some sparkles (as little or as much as you see fit)

You have now made it to the optional part of decorating the wreath.

Using a piece of yarn, hang the plastic pot of gold in the center of the wreath.

Cut a piece of the wired garland, then wrap it around the bottom portion of the wreath.

Congratulations you have now made your very own St. Patrick’s Day wreath!


Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys. Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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