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Stanfield Marsh Wildlife Preserve at Big Bear Lake


Planning a trip to Big Bear? One of our favorite discoveries while visiting Big Bear last month was the Stanfield Marsh Wildlife Preserve. When we first arrived at Big Bear Lake, we searched reviews on Yelp to help find the best trail to take the children hiking. There were so many options, but this trail appeared to be the most enticing. When we arrived at the Stanfield Marsh Wildlife Preserve, the children were immediately in love!


We parked the car, and from the moment that we stepped out of the car, we were swept into a world rich in beautiful nature and wildlife. The kids took the time to climb on the giant rocks while my husband and I took a moment to take in the beauty that surrounded us.


Then it was time to explore! The kids started their quest to see a plethora of birds while walking down the long boardwalk that extended over the lake. At the end of the boardwalk, was a little island, where the children continued their exploring. They found some of the most beautiful birds and wildlife that they had never seen.



While, on the way back to the car, the children took time throughout the walk to stop and admire the beauty that surrounded them at Big Bear Lake. A storm had just passed over the mountain, so there were large fluffy clouds that were floating in the sky.


The Stanfield Marsh Wildlife Preserve is located at Big Bear Blvd and Stanfield Cutoff at Big Bear Lake. We recommend coming to see the sunset from the boardwalk to create an unforgettable travel experience with your children.



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  1. this is very ineresting to read, thank you for sharing this post.And the pictures are so nice, love reading this.

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