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All-Star Chef Classic Presented by Melissa’s Produce




My family and I were invited to attend the All-Star Chef Classic with Melissa’s Produce held in Los Angeles at the L.A. LIVE Events Deck. This event was a three day foodie extravaganza, and we attended the third day for their Kid Zone event to bake Fonuts with acclaimed Chef Waylynn Lucas. You may know her from the Bravo Tv Show “Eat Drink Love.” Chef Lucas is also co-owner of Fonuts in West Hollywood California.



Our journey to foodie bliss was about to begin. We checked in and we were immediately escorted into the event. Let me just say, A Mama can get used to this! My kids were feeling like little stars. They donned their little black chef aprons and media badges while walking down the blue carpet in style, stopping only to have their pictures snapped at the event’s step and repeat banner.



Once inside we were greeted by the amazing aroma’s of the world class food that was being prepared. This had my husband and I very excited. Being the foodie family that we are, we were eager to sample all the Chefs creations, but first we had to take our little munchkins into the Fonut baking class.



Our escort brought us into the Kitchen Arena and quickly got the boys set up in their kitchen stations. On the table were all the supplies and ingredients needed for their Fonut baking adventure. This set-up reminded us of the Iron Chef’s Kitchen Stadium except in this Kitchen Arena their were 60 other little bakers and their families waiting for the class to start along with us.



Each of the Kitchen Arena sections had their very own helper. My boy’s section had Max. He was amazing with the kids and made them all feel comfortable and welcome. He had all the kids brainstorm names for the section and then he announced they would be called the Sparkle Chef Fonutters. With a group of 7 boys and 3 girls, I am not sure anything with Sparkle in the name was desirable for the boys, but alas the name did not matter. The kids were just eager for the class to begin. They started the class with a little warm up hula hooping between some kids.



It was finally the time we had all been waiting for. Chef Waylynn Lucas was introduced to us. We watched a short video on the big screen above us and then the baking lesson started. My boys have baked many times at home with me, but this was their first time baking in a class.
Everything was already pre measured for them, so all they had to do was pour stuff in at the correct time and mix it up. This made the class easy for all the different ages who attended. During the lesson, Chef Lucas, came around checking on the children and intermittently stopped to help some kids.



She helped my son Stryker mix his batter as it was proving to be a bit difficult to combine. Chef Lucas did not seem concerned, so all was well. Once everyone was finished mixing the batter, the kids were taught how to pour the correct amount of batters into the mini donut pans. This completed the batter mixing portion of the lesson.



The children were all asked to form a few lines with their baking pans. Each pan was labeled with the child’s name for baking to insure each child received their own Fonut creations that they made.



While the Fonuts were baking, we were all free to roam around the Chef Arena and sample different types of mashed potatoes, indulge in a buffet of kid friendly foods and snack on fruit kabobs and smoothies. My hungry boys loved this part. Even my tiniest little guy joined in on the action. He enjoyed the mashed sweet potatoes and chicken patties. Now that my kiddos were full, they walked around to the different stations.


Sterling created a personalized chef hat, an ice cream airbrush tattoo, and had a balloon artist make him a sword and belt. Stryker decided on a slice of pie airbrush tattoo and the same sword and belt balloons.

Hooray, the Fonuts, were done baking! This is where I could sense all the excitement coming from the kids. I heard lots of laughter and cheers. Everyone was one step closer to decorating and eating yummy creations. All the kids were asked to go back to their stations and wait for their names to be called to come down and collect their plate of Fonuts.


As this was going on an announcement was being made that the famed French Pastry Chef Florian Bellanger was in the Arena and he was going to taste some Fonuts. This is where this slightly obsessed cupcake loving Mama’s heart started pumping. I love Chef Florian! He is a judge on one of my very favorite baking shows “ Cupcake Wars.” This day was getting better by the minute. First we met Chef Waylynn Lucas and now Chef Florian Bellanger was in the Arena.
Everyone now had their Fonuts and three lucky kids were chosen to have Chef Bellanger taste and critique their Fonut creations. He seemed to have as much fun with this as the kids did.


At this point, I knew I had to go meet Chef Bellanger. I grabbed my son and scurried across the Arena to catch him. I am happy to report, I was successful. I asked if he would let me take a picture of him with Stryker and he walked us to a better area away from the crowd for the picture while engaging Stryker in some baking talk. We took a picture and thanked him for his time and off he went out of the Arena and off we went to meet back up with our group.
During this time, we were all told to bag up all the baking stuff to bring home with us so the kids could bake their own Fonuts at home. As I packed their stuff my kids were happily scarfing down their Fonuts with a little help from my husband and I. They were fantastic!



After we were done we exited the Kitchen Arena and entered the Tasting Arena. If you are a major foodie, this is where everything tasty came alive! Lined up along the walls were tasting stations for each Chef participating. You had tasting options from Chefs including Graham Elliot, Alex Seidel, David Lefevre, Jennifer Jasinski, Wylie Dufresne and Waylynn Lucas just to name a few.


My husband and I were now in our zone. We loved this event and were having a wonderful time sampling dishes we had never tried before. We had samplings of Monk Fish and Pork Belly which was new to us both. I think my very favorite tasting was from Chef Graham Elliot. He made a deconstructed Caesar Salad which was sure to make anyone salivate.


If all the food was making you thirsty, there was a nice bar in the middle of the venue. You could choose from wine and beer or other non-alcoholic options.


This day’s event was presented by Melissa’s Produce. They had a station set up where you could sample fresh fruit and muffins. They gave everyone who attended a very nice reusable bag filled with goodies.



At the end of our tastings, we realized we were all in a major food coma. We decided to call it a day and head home. I cannot say enough nice things about this whole event. Everyone was amazing. The Chefs and all the staff came together perfectly to put on a fantastic experience for all who attended. If and when they hold this event again, we will be sure to attend.


Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys. Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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