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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Starting a Business When You’re a Mom

Even as a single person, running a business isn’t easy. In fact, in the early stages, it usually consumes all of your time. So, if you’re a mom, you might be hesitant to even try. After all, your family does come first, and if you’re working a full-time job, it might seem impossible. But when you’re determined to be a successful mompreneur, anything is possible. All it takes is a plan.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Toxic behavior does more than breed hostility and it can also bring your dreams to screeching halt. As a business woman and mother, you need all the positive support you can get. It can be hard to identify if you are dealing with a toxic person if they are a member of your inner circle, but it is important to do so. Those who constantly tell you having it all isn’t possible or take jabs at your own positivity need to go. Make it clear that there’s no place in your life for this type of behavior. Even if it’s a close family member, they need to know that you’re serious about owning your business.

Create a Financial Plan

Even if your business is online, you still need money to get things up and running. This is especially true if you sell actual products and need to pay shipping and manufacturing costs. The best way to keep your money flow going in the right direction is creating a solid financial plan. If you plan on using savings, make sure you leave enough to cover at least three months of household expenses. This way, you’ll have an extra layer of security in case your business doesn’t take off.

If you’re short on savings, you could look into surrendering your life insurance for cash and allow your policy to lapse. The cash surrender value is equal to the policy value itself. This is after any deductions, like administrative fees, loans against the policy or surrender fees. If you want to know more, there are online guides you can check for additional information.

Make it a Family Affair

If your kids are old enough, why not get them to help? You can teach them everything you know, so if your business does take off, they’ll be able to run it in your absence. You can even get smaller children involved by having them help pack orders or file papers for you.

Focus on Work-Life Balance

Even if you’re only running a successful Etsy store, you still need time for yourself. Get familiar with self-care tips for working moms and schedule at least one day a week where you do nothing but these rituals. That means no email or text messages about work, and no checking to see whether you made a sale. Not giving yourself to recoup leads to burnout.


If your children are too young to go to school, you might want to hire a part-time babysitter. In the early stages, you can usually work around their nap times and when they go to bed at night. However, once your business flourishes, you need to give it the attention it deserves. Hiring a babysitter can help focus all of your attention on work as opposed to trying to micromanage 20 different things at one time.

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