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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Steps Towards Improving Your Overall Health

“This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Colgate blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Hiking with family

While raising three small children, life never slows down. From juggling sports practice to getting a healthy dinner on the table, it’s always been a challenge to finding time for myself. Now that my daughter is becoming a pre-teen, I find it more important than ever to be a good influence and encourage her to live a healthy lifestyle as she becomes a woman. I’ve been taking small steps towards making sure that my overall health is a priority so I can be the best wife and mom possible. With National Women’s Health Week coming up on May 8th through the 14th, Colgate Total® is encouraging women across the country to pledge to put their health first, and spread the word by sharing a “healthy selfie,” along with the hashtag #MyColgateSelfie on their social media channels.

Kids Taking a Selfie

What have I been doing in the New Year to improve my health?


First, I’ve been exercising. I don’t mean by going crazy for cardio at the local gym, but by getting outside and walking every day. I’ve found that it is much easier to get my daily exercise when I don’t have an official “workout routine.” While walking, I have been able to connect with my mind, body, and soul while being surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. I can take breaks to smell flowers, and being out in nature helps clear my mind so I can come home to my family refreshed.



walking in nature

Second, I’ve been eating better. Just by making simple dietary changes and eating smaller food portions, I have successfully lost twenty pounds in the New Year. I do menu planning, prepare meals in advance, and no longer dine at fast food restaurants. Along with eating healthier foods, I’ve also swapped my soda and coffee for herbal tea,and drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Orange Picking

Healthy Eating

Third, I’ve been unplugging from all electronic devices at night. Instead of watching television or playing games on our phones, our family now engages in conversations about our day and does healthier evening activities like reading books or playing board games. Focusing on building healthy relationships in the New Year has played a key role in my overall health.


Now I am going to start shifting my focus on my dental health. Since I was a major coffee drinker for many years, I have noticed that my teeth have paid the price. I went from drinking 5-6 cups of coffee a day to one cup of herbal tea. Now that I have so much more to smile about, I want my teeth to reflect the happiness that I feel inside.

Colgate Total

I’ve recently begun the Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen. I have already noticed that my mouth feels fresh and cleaner than ever before from using Colgate Total Daily Repair Mouthwash and Colgate Total Daily Repair Toothpaste. It’s only been a couple of days, and I already see small differences in my overall oral health.

Smile More


I encourage all of you to join me in taking time for yourself, and taking one small step at a time towards improving your health. Start by just making one small change that will impact your life, and you’ll find yourself living a happier and healthier life. Share ways that you’re taking care of yourself during National Women’s Health Week by sharing a “healthy selfie” of yourself doing something to better your health, and share on social media with the hashtag #MyColgateSelfie. Save $1.00 on the new Colgate Total Daily Repair Mouthwash and Colgate Total Daily Repair Toothpaste.

Be awesome

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