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Storage Solutions That You Need In Your Home

Being part of a busy household means that there is always something to be done, and one thing you will always need more of is storage. But how do you make the most out of your home and how could you add extra storage to the rooms that feel cramped already. Here are some ideas to help you get your storage under control, especially with sliding closet doors.


In the hallway

One of the best things that you can put in your hallway is a shoe rack. If you don’t take your shoes off at the door, you should start doing it today. The pavements are covered in disgusting things that you don’t want on your floors. It can be a tough habit to get into but it is worth it. The last thing anyone needs to wonder is where that brown stain on the carpet came from. Having a place to tuck away coats, bags and everything else can help to keep your hallway looking tidy.

The bedroom

When you moved into your home, you probably squeezed your existing furniture into your room. However, if you choose a bespoke wardrobe from Tylko you can change the entire room into something that meets your needs. Having a wardrobe that is custom-built can allow you to use every part of the space instead of cramming furniture in and hoping for the best. Have a look at the types of clothes and shoes that you have and tailor your wardrobe around them.

Around the bathroom

The bathroom presents some unique storage problems as there is a huge selection of small bottles that need to be stored properly. Wall units can help to keep your expensive products out of little peoples hands. Baskets can be a great idea to keep towels at the ready. Having a plastic holder for your kid’s toys that can be stored out of sight can help you to maintain a grown-up bathroom that is clean and tidy.


The kitchen is another room that presents some complicated choices because of how food has to be stored to keep it edible. Cans are easy enough to store, as long as it is a cool dark place. Your fridge and freezer are needed for fresh and frozen food, and the size that you choose is dependent on your budget. Using pantry storage ideas have changed how people are storing their cans and tea bags. Glass canisters have made our homes look tidier than ever before.

Living areas

If there is one fun thing about furniture today, it is that you can get anything with storage. Footstools that you pop your feet on at night, hidden storage. The coffee table that you rest your cup on, storage underneath. The panel on the wall opens up and reveals storage for everything and anything. Storage solutions can be as creative and hidden as you want them to be. And, a lot of these items are designed to be storage items so you never have to worry about finding extra space.

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