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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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StoryCorps: Stories From the OC


You are invited to have a unique opportunity of being a part of history. Until the end of December, FivePoint is inviting families to tell their stories from the OC with StoryCorps.

StoryCorps Airstream

It is one of the most significant oral history projects where people come to the Great Park Neighborhoods, and record their stories inside of a retro airstream. The recordings will forever be a part of history as they will be preserved in the Library of Congress.

How it Works…

Reserve a Day

Stories from the OC

Schedule a time online at Once you’ve made your reservation, bring the guest you will be interviewing to Cadence Park in Irvine to do the recording.

What to Expect

Setting up a StoryCorps Account

Once you arrive at the park, you’ll be invited into the building by a volunteer who will walk you through the process. You’ll begin by starting an online account using the provided iPads. Once you’ve made an account, you’ll go into the airstream to begin the recording.

Recording Your Story

Recording with StoryCorps

The maximum amount of time you’ll have to do your recording is 45 minutes. I recommend planning the questions you want to ask the person you are interviewing. For my interview, my daughter and I both interviewed each other. My daughter asked me questions about what it was like being a teenager growing up in the OC. Then, I asked her what it is like growing up as a teen in the 20th Century. It was more of a conversation between the two of us vs. an interview. It was super fun and made for a great recording to go into history about two different generations of teen life in Orange County.

The goal is for it to be unscripted and unrehearsed, although you are encouraged to bring some sample questions to your recording.

After The Recording

Free Photo Booth in Irvine

Once we were done with the recording, we were invited into a photo booth to take a commemorative photo. My daughter and I had a great time taking silly pictures together in the photo booth. Along with the photo booth is a relaxed campfire setting where we sat and talked about our experience. We also looked at the exhibit featuring multiple products/brands that are from Orange County.

Stories from the OC Postcards

My daughters favorite part was that they had postcards to send to friends. She took some time to write postcards about the experience for her friends. Plus, she was able to put the postcards into the mailbox, and the staff at StoryCorps will put a stamp on them and mail them off for all the guests.

Continuing To Tell Your Story

Campfire spot in Orange County

Once you’re done recording your story, you’ll be able to continue to record stories at home. You’ll have an online account that will give you access to record more stories from home. It is an excellent resource if you want to hear a story from an elderly family member who may not be able to come to the recording booth.

Cost and Registration

StoryCorps in Orange County

The cost of recording your story from the OC is free. It will only be here in Orange County until the end of December, so I recommend making an appointment today.


Biking at the Great Park Neighborhood

Cadence Park is a beautiful park. I recommend coming in the morning, bringing a picnic lunch, and then spending the afternoon with your children at the park having lunch together after your recording. It makes for a beautiful family day out together.

Stories of the OC Recordings

Learn more at

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