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Storymakery Makes Young Authors


I’m in Love, and you will be too, with StoryMakery! What an amazing and exciting treat it was for my ten-year-old daughter, Bella and me, to visit the Storymakery at the Irvine Spectrum Center earlier this week.

We met the Storymakery’s owner, Payal Kindiger, who graciously explained the story making and self-publishing process for kids.
Like the scrumptious delights a bakery produces, Storymakery creates one-of-a-kind, truly unique stories by young authors, like our kids.


Storymakery is a unique place child can build cognitive writings skills while flexing their imagination muscles, with friendly “Muse” staff, to design fun characters and stories that make their book(s) come alive! Prices range from ($19-$54.99)

The first objective of our little authors is to develop their story character (up to 3), at the “Character Studio” area. After building the character(s), they move on to the “Imagination Forest”. In the Imagination Forest, kids get to search for their Story Level and the Story line they wish to base their story upon.

There are three story levels:

1. Story Maker level: which is recommended for children 5 and under or children who may have difficulty sitting for the 20-25 minutes it usually takes to write a story at that level.

2. Dreamer level: provides basic story structure, characters, setting, story plots including conflict and resolution.

3. Visionary level: are for children who are more independent thinkers already possessing a story in mind and only need a little inspiration and help to write it out.

After children choose their story level in the Imagination Forest, the Storymakery’s “Muse” staff are happy to help our little authors organize their stories and write/ (type) them out at the “Writing Studio” area.

While your child’s story is being typed by Muse staff at the “Writing Studio”, your child will move over to the “Publishing Studio” area to create the finishing touches for their book! In the Publishing Studio, they’ll create a dedication page, author bio, book illustration (images) and book cover image.


When finished, your child just hits the “Order button” which sends the story to the printer and …Viola! Your child’s book will be printing in about thirty short minutes! There’s only a little wait, and your child will have the pleasure of taking their book home with them!
Plus, it’s reassuring for parents to see their child’s improved writing skills, over time, each time, they create a new book! Bella was so excited and loved her book creation that she wants to be a (Storymakery) Young Muse member.

My immediate thought while visiting this story factory was how fun and educational a field trip this would be for elementary school, and kids of all ages! Children’s Birthday parties and Girl Scout events are available too! Oh, and the good news is, adults can create awesome story books for loved ones as well! Count me in!

Please visit their factory at The Irvine Spectrum Center.

Happy Writing!

Benita Purohit is a wife and mom, blessed with two beautiful children, daughter Isabella (an avid soccer player, who adores animals) and son Seth (a basketball and music lover). Benita’s family (including her beautiful mom, sister and two nieces) moved from Maryland six years ago to paradise in Laguna Niguel. She embraced change and left her position as a studio producer with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to be a stay at home mom. Currently she’s in the process of starting her own business. Benita and her children love the lord Jesus and try to live a life that shows love towards others. She’s a mom who loves people, going for hikes, reading and writing, old movies, enjoys shopping and crafting with her daughter, playing and singing with her son, mini-dates with her hubby, and spending time with her beautiful mother. Benita has been blessed with great sister-friends and she loves getting together with them and experiencing new things! ❤️ Life is better with Love in it! ❤️

We attended as a guest of StoryMakery

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