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Streaming Music to Spark Creativity in Children

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If you have teenagers living in your home, then tech and music is a big part of your household. Having two of my children attend art schools, music is a big part of our lives. While getting my degree in Early Childhood Education, one important thing that I learned was how music could create a creative environment for children, so I have music playing in my home as much as possible.

Since my children all have different tastes in music, they will often be wearing their headphones during homework time or while relaxing in our home. Since they all have better playlists than me on their cell phones and tablets, I recently got a Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy for the home so that they can share their favorite music with the family. I had heard a lot about the Google Chromecast Audio, and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test in our household.

My teenagers were ecstatic when they found out that we got a Chromecast Audio. They immediately downloaded the app to their cell phones and then helped their dad with setting it up on his phone. The set-up process took just a few minutes, and our teens were streaming their music from their phones on our home entertainment speakers. The best part of the Google Chromecast Audio it that it uses wifi vs. Bluetooth, so the sound quality is incredible. Every night, my teens have been taking turns streaming their favorite playlist from Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music on our home entertainment system. It was great getting to see my children’s different taste in music, and I love watching them share their favorite songs with the family.

Ever since using the Google Chromecast Audio in our home, I have noticed a nice change. We don’t have the same boring playlist coming out of our home entertainment speakers, but a wide variety of different music genres. I noticed that we are breaking into mini family dance parties more often and learning to enjoy each others different tastes in music.

If you have teenagers, and they love music, the Google Chromecast Audio will change your household forever for the better. You won’t have your teens walking around with giant headphones over the ears any more, but loving streaming their music into your home entrainment speakers and sharing their love for music with their family.

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