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Struggling With Back Pain? 5 Tips To Boost Your Overall Health!

A whopping 8% of the adult population – or over 16 million Americans – struggle with consistent back pain. For many, temporary back pain is nothing more than a minor inconvenience that can easily be treated at home. 

However, if left untreated, this kind of pain can turn into a chronic condition that can restrict a person’s ability to enjoy a wide range of activities. While an aching back can cause severe discomfort, there is a lot that you can do to relieve the pain and prevent this condition from becoming a medical emergency. How? Check out the tips below to reduce back pain and boost your overall health. 

Keep Active

If your back has started to ache, the chances are that the only thing you wish to do is lay down and relax. However, if there is something that specialists don’t recommend is total bed rest! According to recent studies, exercising on a daily basis can relieve pain, strengthen your muscles, and improve your fitness and mobility. In turn, this can help you prevent future injuries, inflammation, and pain. 

However, it is important to notice that not all types of exercise are suitable to relieve back pain. Ideally, you should focus on low-impact alternatives such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, walking, and swimming. 

Focus on Keeping Good Posture

Bad posture is the main culprit behind back pain. Of course, your posture is difficult to control, especially if you have gotten used to slouching or if you spend hours on end in front of your laptop, computer, or phone. 

However, spending time focusing on your posture might be all you need to strengthen your muscles and live a healthier life that is free of back pain. Start today by practicing gentle stretches and standing up straighter. 

Choose the Right Mattress

We all spend over eight hours each night in our beds. So, if your mattress, topper, or bed frame isn’t good enough, you are likely to start suffering from back pain. If your back has already started to ache, make sure to invest in a new, higher-quality mattress. And, don’t forget to check out the best mattress toppers for back pain

While this might seem an investment, the right bed or mattress can last for years to come and free you from back pain.

Learn How Nutrition Impacts Pain

What you eat might be directly connected to your aching back. Indeed, some substances and foods can contribute to inflammation, which can cause pain, swelling, redness, and discomfort. For example, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, red meats, and fried foods can worsen your inflammation and your back pain. 

Generally, you should consider focusing on a plant-based, whole-grain diet to reduce inflammation. However, it is also important to speak to a specialized nutritionist or lifestyle medicine expert who can help you along your journey. 

Practice Meditation

Practicing meditation is a great choice for your overall health. However, when it comes down to fighting back pain, this millennia-old discipline can be just as helpful. Through breathwork and meditation, you can reduce stress and anxiety – which can worsen inflammation – and reduce back pain. Consider getting started with guided meditation sessions to reap the best benefits. 

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