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Summer Sun Escapes: Fashion Advice

Are you planning to escape for some much-needed sunshine over the company months? Perhaps you are planning to get some winter sun later in the year? As the inevitable grey skies and gloomy days descend, there truly is no better time to book a sun break! Yet no matter whether you are going for a summer or winter sun vacation, it is not complete without the perfect fashion-filled suitcase. Let’s take a look at some of the fashion essentials you need for your holiday in the sunshine this winter…

Stylish Swimsuit

Swimsuits are all the rage this year! Pack as many bikinis as you like, but make sure you at least have one killer swimsuit. Swimsuits bring a touch of glamour and meet the perfect balance between being chic and sexy. Plus, at this time of year, you can definitely pick up one for a bargain!

A Summer Scent

It is not only about the clothes that you wear when it comes to packing your summer suitcase. You also need to make sure that you have all of the accessories and beautiful extras that are required as well. For example, a summer scent is a must. One scent that never fails is this Paris perfume. If you are looking for something sexy and romantic for your summer trip, it won’t let you down.

Classic Canvas Mocks

Mocks are a must-have for your winter sun break. They embody everything you would want from a holiday shoe. Not only are they undeniably fashionable, but they are extremely versatile and comfortable too. You can add effortless style to any outfit for any occasion – no matter whether you are going to the beach or on an adventure trip. There’s also a whole host of designs to choose from. This includes block colours – ranging from white, to mustard, to pink – as well as a whole host of fun designs, like Aztec prints, porcelain prints and more.

Chic Cover Up

Everyone needs a chic cover-up for their vacation – one which you put on and instantly makes you feel like a sun goddess! Go for one in a shade of white, the perfect way to show off your sun-kissed glow! Team with an oversized pair of sunglasses and you will look like you’ve come straight out of a magazine.

A Pair Of Oversized Sunglasses

You cannot go on a holiday without a good pair of sunglasses, right? We always recommend going for an oversized pair because they look incredibly chic with any outfit you are wearing. Plus, if you do not feel like doing your make-up or you have had too many Margaritas the night before, all you need is a pair of oversized sunglasses and you will be ready to hit the beach. 


Visors are super cute and add the perfect finishing touch for winter sun style. When embracing this accessory it is always a good idea to add a touch of femininity and playfulness – go for a visor with a funky pattern or in a fun shade, such as baby pink. Not only will a visor look stylish, but it will provide you with great protection from the sun’s strong rays. No one wants to rock a burnt forehead when on vacation!

Floral Headbands

We love floral headbands during the summer months. They look incredibly cute and they add a feminine and flirty feel to any outfit. Not only do they look great but they are actually practical as well. This is because any sort of headband is going to keep your hair off your face, which is vital when the weather is hot and you start to get a little bit sweaty.

Crop Tops

A selection of fun and comfy crop tops are great for any vacation where there is going to be sun. Buy some in a variety of styles – cute, sleek, sexy, simple… You will then find that your winter sun suitcase is filled with outfit choices! You can team crop tops with anything – high-waisted shorts, skater skirts, wide-legged trousers, and so on and so forth. They’re easy to wear as well and so comfortable!

So there you have – some of your must-have items for a summer or winter sun break over the coming months. Bring a touch of your own personality to the items and you are good to go. With these in your suitcase, you can ensure you will be the most stylish lady at your holiday destination, and let’s face it… that’s what really matters!

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