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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Sunset At Dana Point Harbor Jetty


I get asked this question a lot. Where is a good place to watch the sunset with my children? Sure we have lavish resorts with sprawling grounds to enjoy panoramic ocean views, but they are not always the best places to enjoy a sunset with children. While most adults will stand in each other’s arms while watching the sky burst with colors, children enjoy it in a much different way. They like to see it happening while playing or exploring. One of my favorite places to take the kids to see the sunset is at the Dana Point Harbor Jetty.


Why do I like it? We not only get a gorgeous view of the San Clemente coastline, but also the sunset. There are often fishermen sitting along the jetty that the kids will ask fifty questions about what they are doing, and lots of cool nooks and crannies for them to explore.


For safety reasons, we never go out more than a few feet onto the jetty, and watch our kids extremely closely. at the mouth of the jetty, there is a wide enough space that is perfect for kids to stand. After we are done watching the sunset, we usually take a short walk along the beach with the children.


Parking? There is a decent sized parking lot right at the opening of the jetty. It is metered parking, so bring some quarters along with you.

How do I find it? It is at the corner of Dana Point Harbor and Puerto Place. The parking is all the way at the end of Puerto Place.


Local dining? We always like taking the kids to The Harbor House on Pacific Coast Highway. It is about a five-minute drive, and is an Orange County classic. (very kid friendly). There are also some restaurants in the harbor including: Wind & Sea, Harbor Grill, Harpoon Henry’s, Turk’s, and Beach Cities Pizza.


Enjoy spending quality time with your kids at this unique sunset location. Please remember to be careful on the jetty with your children and not go out too far. We recommend just enjoying from the mouth of the jetty for safety.

We assume no liability for accents or injuries. Please enjoy the sunset with caution from the jetty. All photos are property of the oc mom blog and cannot be used without permission.

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