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Supercharge Your Business Efficiency

When you’re running a business, whatever that business may be, it is really important that you focus on improving efficiency in your company. Why? Because a more efficient business is always going to be a more profitable business at the end of the day.

Business efficiency focuses on maximizing the company’s outputs which means the potential to make more money is always going to be there for a business that continuously invests time and money in becoming more efficient. 

With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to supercharge your business efficiency starting right now:

Make sure you have the right tools

It’s pretty obvious, but if you want your business to be as efficient as it can possibly be, you need to ensure that you have provided the right tools to make that possible. For example, if you run a healthcare business, using nurse scheduling software to manage shifts is a much faster and more efficient way of doing things than putting a human in charge of the whole process, with all of the errors that can result, or if you run an online store, using customer relationship management software is always going to be faster than expecting your customer service team to memorize customer information off the top of their heads! Provide the right tools and the rest will follow.

Schedule daily meetings

It’s worth noting here that some business owners are of the opinion that meetings are often pointless and inefficient, and this can certainly be the case if the meetings are not strictly necessary and add no value to the working life of the employees in your business. However, it is also fair to say that daily meetings can help to improve your company’s efficiency if you go about them in the right way. Daily standups or huddles as they are often known, are short sharp morning meetings where staff members are updated on where everyone is at, what still needs to be done, and who may need extra help on a given project. They can be very effective at getting the team working together more cohesively for even greater levels of efficiency overall. The key is to keep them short and to the point, so you can avoid straying into pointless waste of time territory.

Give employees more breaks

If you want your employees to work as efficiently as possible, instead of working them to the bone, you should enable them to have more breaks than the average company. Why? Because numerous studies have shown that long working hours with few breaks are counterproductive when it comes to productivity. Just because employees are busy does not mean that they are getting a lot of high-quality work done. By letting them have more time off, they will be more refreshed and better able to focus when they are working, which means they will get more work, of a superior quality, done overall.

Monitor our processes

If, as a business, you are not monitoring all of your processes on a regular basis, chances are you are not as efficient as you could be. After all, it’s pretty hard to make improvements when you don’t even know what your starting point is. So, make a point of auditing every aspect of your business so that you can eliminate waste or consolidate various processes into one more cohesive one where possible. Yes, you will need to carve out some additional time to do this but it will be worth it when you can save far more time overall.

Document everything

Kind of related to the above, you should also make a real point of documenting everything your business does. No matter how big or small a task may be, from implementing a new manufacturing process to finding new clients. you should keep a record of it so that you can identify areas of inefficiency, but also because these records can act as a roadmap for other employees to follow should they ever need to complete a similar task in the future. 

Have a continuous improvement mindset

As a company, you should have a continuous improvement mindset as a matter of course. This means that you should not be content with doing things in a way that is just good enough – you should be constantly looking for ways to improve upon what you are doing. Not only do you, as the business owner, need to have this kind of mindset but everyone in your company should be encouraged to foster the same mindset too. When it becomes a real part of your business culture, you will find that your employees are always improving their own personal efficiency, and recommending ways for you all to do similar, which will definitely give you an edge over the competition.

Automate as much as you can

We talked a little earlier about the benefits of using the right tools to improve business efficiency, but we did not discuss the prospect of automation. Business automation is a reality in 2021, and if you aren’t using technology to automate as many of your business processes as possible, you are never going to be as efficient, as a company, as you could be, so look into business automation capabilities in your sector and implement as many of them as possible. Although automation software can sometimes be expensive, it will end up saving you significant time and money in the long term, which is why it is definitely worth investing in it if you are able to do so.

Focus on employee wellbeing

Where a lot of business owners go wrong is in not considering the wellbeing of their employees when they are looking to improve efficiency. The fact of the matter is, healthy happy employees are more productive. Numerous studies bear this out, and that is why you should be looking to improve your employee benefits package, implement mental health days, start an employee rewards program, and do things of that nature if you are truly serious about making your business as productive as it has the potential to be.

Don’t try to do it all

If you are one of those business owners who always has to have full control over everything, not only are your employees likely to be demoralized, but you are probably sabotaging the efficiency of your business too. Interested bosses are great, but micromanagers tend to rub people up the wrong way, which will automatically affect output. Not only that, but you simply cannot do everything yourself, so if you want your business to be as successful as possible, you need to learn how to delegate. Handing off various tasks to the employees who are best placed to deal with them is not a sign of weakness – far from it, it will ensure your company is as productive as possible, and geat you up to focus on the tasks that you are truly great at. You are a business owner, not a god, so your job is to direct those talented people around you, not to take it all on yourself!


On a related note, often the best way to delegate is by hiring outside excerpts such as managed IT service professionals or freelance writers, who know their professions inside out, and who can come in and help you whenever you need it. Outsourcing is cheaper because you don’t have to put those professionals on the payroll, and it often leads to better outcomes because you can take your pick of some of the most qualified people around to complete the necessary work for you. It may not work for those tasks you need to complete very regularly, but for one-off and occasional work, outsourcing is something that can really help to drive up efficiency without spending too much of your own time or money.

Focus on trust

Building trust between yourself and your employees may not seem like the most important task to get stuck into when you want to improve business efficiency, but it is actually really vital. When there is trust between the business owner and their employees, staff will simply get o with their jobs and work hard knowing that they have the skills they need to do things and that they will not always have a manager breathing down their necks. They will also be more likely to come to you with any problems or suggestions for improving things, which will only serve to make your business stronger and more productive over time.

As you can see, there are lots of practical things you can do to improve your business efficiency, some easy to implement and some a little more tricky. However, it is worth considering each and every one of them in the fullness of time because full efficiency will not be achieved with a single measure – the more effort you put into improving your business processes, the more effective your company will be and the more easily able you will be to beat the competition.

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