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Support Young Children at the OC Holiday Children’s Business Fair

This is the second in a series of posts following the path of two young entrepreneurs, 7-year-old Johnny and his 11-year-old sister, Cali, as they prepare to produce, market and sell jalapeno poppers at the OC Holiday Children’s Business Fair.

OC Rescue Mission Children

The Fair, which will be held on Saturday, November 2 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm at Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, will feature booths hosted by students from local elementary and middle schools as well as children living at Village of Hope. All participants are between the ages of 6 and 14.

Siblings Johnny and Cali decided to sell jalapeno poppers because they love to eat them at family gatherings and want to share the delicious treat with everyone else!

Now that they have decided what product to sell, Johnny and Cali are putting their business skills to work. They are considering a combo deal with poppers and soda, since their uncle works at Shasta and can donate soda. Like the smart little entrepreneurs they are, the two plan to use the soda as an incentive to shoppers by offering them a deal of multiple poppers plus a drink.

They are also drawing on past experience to determine the right amount of ingredients to purchase. In April, they participated in the Kids on a Mission OC Children’s Business Fair at Village of Hope and ended up with a ton of leftover ingredients. This time they are using their noggins and learning to be more strategic. “We don’t want to purchase too many ingredients because if we are left with extras we can’t use, we’ll lose money,” says Cali.

The pair is currently hard at work researching the right price for ingredients. After searching several websites to get pricing from a variety of suppliers, they are surprised by how much things cost, “Bacon is more expensive than we thought,” says Johnny.

Once the ingredients are purchased, Cali and Johnny will schedule time to produce a test batch, then create a menu to market their poppers and combos.

The community is invited and encouraged to attend this free holiday event to support some of the youngest entrepreneurs in Orange County while getting a head start on their holiday shopping.
Parents who are interested in learning how their child can participate in the OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair can register by visiting or contact Ashley Binder at [email protected] for additional information.
OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair is hosted and sponsored by Orange County Rescue Mission with the goal of developing the skills kids need for future self-sufficiency and success.
For more information regarding the OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair, visit

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